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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

Graduating wasn't as liberating as I had hoped.
August 19, 2010

While I was still in school, I was frustrated that the intense demands of my coursework made it difficult for me to pursue many extracurricular interests and hobbies. It wasnít so much that I had no free time (which I used mostly for partying), but that I had no mental energy left to write or read about other things. I thought graduating would solve this because I would no longer have 200-400 pages of assigned reading every week, and my mother really sold me on the positives of post-graduation life. I envisioned a life that was socially much less exciting, but one that would allow me to pursue my interests by taking classes and writing at home while working and earning a living.

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360 or PS3?
August 07, 2010

I've been having trouble deciding on which one of those to get because it seems like most games are released on both of them now. What are the worthwhile exclusives on both consoles? I wish someone would do a side-by-side comparison. I know PS3 has inFamous, God of War and Metal Gear (but only inFamous interests me) and 360 has Halo. I heard the 360 version of Bayonetta was better at release, but that a patch was released for the PS3 version that fixed its problems.

Any comments? For a long time I was set on a PS3 but now I'm leaning towards the box.


The Last Airbender
July 29, 2010

When I first heard rumors that there was going to be a movie adaption of Avatar: The Last Airbender, I seriously considered writing M. Night Shyamalan a letter asking to audition for the part of Zuko or Sokka. I was so engrossed in the series at the time that I wanted to bring it to life myself. It was a momentary passion, one inspired by the most beautiful American-made cartoon of all time -- epic and action-packed yet sincere and endearing, Avatar: The Last Airbender won the hearts of millions, many of them outside of its intended 6-11 age demographic.

Having seen the movie now, Iím glad nothing came of that plan.

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Favorite video game trailers
July 17, 2010

As someone who is deeply interested in video games, I watch a lot of video game trailers, which has in itself become a pleasurable activity for me. I'm willing to bet that at least a few of you here share this interest with me. The following are two of my favorite video game trailers.

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You are my thesaurus
June 12, 2010

Is there a word that means "to give feedback"? Criticize is one, but it apparently carries negative connotations and I'm looking for something that looks favorably on a resume. Evaluate is another, but linguistically it does not imply that there is a recipient.


A trip to the dentist
June 09, 2010

Following my graduation I went to a local dentist for a check-up, because I had neglected to visit the dentist during my college career. I was told that I had several cavities and that I should get my wisdom teeth removed. They said that this was not uncommon for recent college graduates because the college lifestyle is in some ways hostile to healthy teeth. In particular, I was told that alcohol, something I consumed a lot of over the past three years, is bad for your teeth. Perhaps this is why British folk are infamous for their bad teeth?

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Can I trust job postings on careerbuilder.com?
June 07, 2010

For some reason I'm really skeptical about a lot of them.

Here's the website for one posting: http://image-mktg.com/


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