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December 02, 2010

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Goodbye wisdom teeth
October 29, 2010

Feel like a bit of a gimp now though =/


What are the disadvantages to not using an HD TV with a current-gen console?
October 06, 2010

Just got an Xbox 360 and I was wondering. My guess is that it simply looks better, but I'd like an answer from someone who actually knows. Does it affect framerate in any way? Text has also been small enough to be barely legible, but that may just be because of the screen size - would changing the aspect ratio make this any better?


Starcraft II
September 26, 2010

I has it.

Tooth related happenings.
September 09, 2010

At work yesterday, one of the kindergarteners who I take care of bit me. He's usually a really happy kid, right up until he's told no. One of the recess supervisors said that he hit a girl, so I told him that he was in timeout. He immediately threw a tantrum, and as I pulled him away from the playground, he sunk his teeth into the flesh of my stomach. I looked around to see a lot of people staring, and I told the other instructional assistant that he was biting me. If he had pulled away, he probably would have ripped my flesh, so I just waited there, made sure he didn't move, and hoped he would eventually let go. After about fifteen or twenty seconds, he finally did.

I came into work today and he greeted me with a smile and a high five.

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Searching for Epic music
September 07, 2010

I was searching for epic music on youtube for a smash bros. combo video I plan to make. I found this guy's channel, and his compilations are pretty good:


The following comment by a user made my day:

"Doing laundry has never felt so awesome."


First few days of work
August 26, 2010

On Monday I started my job as a part-time Special Ed Instructional Assistant. The teacher is this really tan, bubbly blonde woman, and her students are six kindergartners with autism. My shift starts in the afternoon and my first hour overlaps with the last hour of the other assistantís shift. During this time we supervise them during lunch and around the playground, and it is absolutely a two-person job for three reasons: 1) they play on a jungle gym with about thirty other students, 2) the school uniform makes it difficult to distinguish students from a distance, and 3) one of our students likes to run off without warning.

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