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Title: What language did you play The Lost Odyssey in?
Posted: June 02, 2011 (11:57 PM)
So I picked up the Lost Odyssey based on a few words that Suskie said about it here. Unfortunately the English voice acting is pretty bad, so I checked the options to see if there was a Japanese voice option. To my surprise, you can select from not two, but five, different languages. I have since switched to Japanese and it is a bit better, though still not great. Did anyone else try out the other languages?
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Title: Deus Ex Invisible War
Posted: April 02, 2011 (04:01 AM)
Just started playing this. It seems...quite shitty, almost like a fan-made sequel. At the very least I'm guessing that not everyone involved in the original was involved in Invisible War.

Title: So um, anyone want a free copy of Half-Life 2?
Posted: December 22, 2010 (06:36 PM)
I bought a shit ton (32 to be exact) of games off of Steam because of all the Holiday deals. Spent like $100. I got the Orange Box, but as it turned out, I already had Half-Life 2, so now I have an extra copy that I can give away (if you have Steam).

Anyone want it? First come, first serve.
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Title: Holiday gifts
Posted: December 20, 2010 (06:22 PM)
I work in a school, so my last day of work for this month was the 17th. At the end of the day the teacher I work for gave me a gift in a little red bag. I didn't check what it was until after she had left, but it turned out to be a $25 gift certificate to GameStop!

I was pleasantly surprised and I found myself asking "How did she know?!" I don't recall telling her much about my habits since I'm usually not quick to announce them, though at one point I may have said something like "I just bought an Xbox 360." Knowing her, she may have also thought: "He's 23 -- he plays video games." Such heuristics obviously have the potential to be wrong, but not in this case.

I decided I wanted to use this on something actually good. I ended up getting Lost Odyssey, since I have heard so many good things about it from people around here whose opinions I value, and BioShock, since it was only $10 and I had some space left on the card.

Haven't gotten to play either yet and I'm not even sure when I will. When I was younger there were so many games I wanted to play but I didn't have the money to buy them. Now, I don't even have that much money, but it feels like I keep getting more games than I have time to play.
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Title: My pre-review impressions of Mass Effect.
Posted: December 12, 2010 (07:33 PM)
I would rather be playing The Last Remnant.

Title: A post on Gametrailers that made me lol
Posted: December 10, 2010 (10:58 PM)
"The Legend of Zelda should be called The Legend of Link or legend of hyrule or some shit.

Zelda's just some bitch who always gets stolen, that ain't fucking legendary."
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Title: Anyone have Steam?
Posted: December 08, 2010 (09:31 PM)
And would like to friend me for the contest objectives?
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Title: Agentnahmanjaydenfbi
Posted: December 02, 2010 (04:24 PM)
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Title: Goodbye wisdom teeth
Posted: October 29, 2010 (03:36 PM)
Feel like a bit of a gimp now though =/

Title: What are the disadvantages to not using an HD TV with a current-gen console?
Posted: October 06, 2010 (10:20 PM)
Just got an Xbox 360 and I was wondering. My guess is that it simply looks better, but I'd like an answer from someone who actually knows. Does it affect framerate in any way? Text has also been small enough to be barely legible, but that may just be because of the screen size - would changing the aspect ratio make this any better?
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Title: Starcraft II
Posted: September 26, 2010 (02:44 AM)
I has it.
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Title: Tooth related happenings.
Posted: September 09, 2010 (08:10 PM)
At work yesterday, one of the kindergarteners who I take care of bit me. He's usually a really happy kid, right up until he's told no. One of the recess supervisors said that he hit a girl, so I told him that he was in timeout. He immediately threw a tantrum, and as I pulled him away from the playground, he sunk his teeth into the flesh of my stomach. I looked around to see a lot of people staring, and I told the other instructional assistant that he was biting me. If he had pulled away, he probably would have ripped my flesh, so I just waited there, made sure he didn't move, and hoped he would eventually let go. After about fifteen or twenty seconds, he finally did.

I came into work today and he greeted me with a smile and a high five.

After work, I had to go to the oral surgeon for a consultation about getting my wisdom teeth removed. Some of the teeth are rotting, and I found out that I have two partial bone impactions. The total for the procedure came out to about $1841, but fortunately, I think my insurance will cover most of it, so I think it will only end up costing between $370 and $650 for me. I'm usually pretty casual about medical stuff because I like to get problems fixed, but I will need to be under general anesthesia for this procedure, which I have never done before.
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Title: Searching for Epic music
Posted: September 07, 2010 (11:11 PM)
I was searching for epic music on youtube for a smash bros. combo video I plan to make. I found this guy's channel, and his compilations are pretty good:


The following comment by a user made my day:

"Doing laundry has never felt so awesome."

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Title: First few days of work
Posted: August 26, 2010 (01:31 AM)
On Monday I started my job as a part-time Special Ed Instructional Assistant. The teacher is this really tan, bubbly blonde woman, and her students are six kindergartners with autism. My shift starts in the afternoon and my first hour overlaps with the last hour of the other assistantís shift. During this time we supervise them during lunch and around the playground, and it is absolutely a two-person job for three reasons: 1) they play on a jungle gym with about thirty other students, 2) the school uniform makes it difficult to distinguish students from a distance, and 3) one of our students likes to run off without warning.

We return to the classroom afterward and the other assistant leaves. For the rest of the day I assist the teacher with keeping the children focused during educational activities. It has obviously been a really long time since I have been in kindergarten, so I had forgotten that education at this stage is basically playing. They play with blocks, sort objects by color and read childrenís books about numbers. The teacher also runs slide show presentations and movies on a piece of a technology called a ďPrometheanĒ - a projector attached to a screen with point-and-click functionality. At the end of the day we take them to the buses.

Those three hours go by pretty quickly. The kids are adorable, but for legal purposes I probably shouldnít write their names here, even though this makes it a little more difficult to write about them. Most of my attention goes to this one child who is much lower functioning than the rest. He is basically nonverbal at the moment (though we got him to say a word today) and it is extremely difficult to get him to participate in a group activity. Heís mostly interested in exploring the world around him on his own terms and he isnít social at all. Thereís another child who isnít very social, though heís actually very high-functioning and pretty independent. There are two others who are independent and very social. One seems a lot like a normal five-year-old boy, with the running around a lot and playing physically with other boys, while the other likes to give me a hard time and knows exactly what heís doing when he does it. The last of the boys is a bit of a loner, but I think heís just shy, whereas the first two boys I mentioned seem to have little or no interest in social relations.

But the most adorable of them all is the only girl in the class. Sheís a little shy, a little stubborn, and a bit of a low-talker, but seeing her smile and hearing her laugh makes my day. At one point I was supervising her while she was trying to play with these building blocks. They could be put together, but doing so required a little bit of force, something not all five-year-olds have the strength for. After struggling for a while, she turned to me with that shy, innocent face of hers and said ďno puedo...Ē

Earlier today I had an interview with another school district for the same kind of position, but at the middle or high school levels. I walked into a room with an interviewing panel, shook hands with the first interviewer, and then wordlessly exchanged glances with the second interviewer that said ďoh, hey, I know you.Ē I knew her from the camps I worked for the past three summers, which is a very good thing, since all of the people in charge there like me a lot and trust me to do a good job. The interview itself went by just fine. Iím more worried about if they can find a shift that fits my schedule than their judgment of my ability to do the job, because the two districts are 30-40 minutes away and I donít want to give up the other position.
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Title: Graduating wasn't as liberating as I had hoped.
Posted: August 19, 2010 (01:42 AM)
While I was still in school, I was frustrated that the intense demands of my coursework made it difficult for me to pursue many extracurricular interests and hobbies. It wasnít so much that I had no free time (which I used mostly for partying), but that I had no mental energy left to write or read about other things. I thought graduating would solve this because I would no longer have 200-400 pages of assigned reading every week, and my mother really sold me on the positives of post-graduation life. I envisioned a life that was socially much less exciting, but one that would allow me to pursue my interests by taking classes and writing at home while working and earning a living.

Unfortunately, the only thing that turned out the way I imagined it is my social life. The reality of loan debt hit me very hard, and it has only been in the past few weeks that I have come to fully understand my financial situation. Originally I thought my debt was around $20,000 USD, but it turned out to be roughly $45,000 USD. Over the course of the summer I had three dental appointments which incurred bills totalling about $1100 USD, and I also need to get my wisdom teeth extracted, which will cost somewhere between $1200 and $2000 USD. I desperately need to buy a car, because living in San Diego without one literally borders on being impossible.

This is all occurring while I have been making an income of $0 USD because getting a job turned out to be much harder than I thought it would be. Even with a BA from the most prestigious public university in the world, I found myself getting very few calls from employers I applied to. I managed to get a few interviews, but I was not hired by two marketing firms, two 24 Hour Fitness clubs, and one high school. What I thought was my best lead - a non-profit human services agency for which I have already volunteered two summers with - still hasnít called me, even though I just finished volunteering my third summer with them.

The good news is that I have finally been hired. I managed to get a position as an instructional assistant for a special ed teacher with the National School District, about twenty miles north of Mexico. The hourly rate is relatively high, about $15.50 USD. The problem? Itís only a part-time position, just three hours a day. That comes to about $230 USD a week before taxes. My parents donít want me to worry too much, and theyíre helping me out by letting me live with them and eat their food, but when I try to divide $45,000 by $230 I canít help being just a little depressed. Before graduating I thought a job would give me some discretionary income, even if it wasnít much; Iím not even sure if Iíll be making enough money to pay for my necessities.

Obviously part of this has to do with the fact that Iíve only landed a part-time job, so Iím hoping to pick up another part-time job. I have a pretty good lead from a friend who I volunteered with, though he says heís been pretty busy lately and a mutual friend of ours said that heís bad at responding to texts. Even if I do get another part-time job, the hourly rate will most likely be lower, probably pretty close to minimum wage. The real problem though isnít that these jobs donít pay enough; itís that the cost of everything else (especially the cost of living) is outrageously inflated beyond what these jobs pay.

If I were making close to $400 USD a week from two part-time jobs that would be a lot better than $230 USD, but I donít like the idea of spending the next six years of my life paying off loan debt, the next twelve years living with my parents, and having almost no discretionary income for any of it. So instead of reading about sociology, learning about writing, taking improv classes, working out at the gym and going to clubs, I mostly think about additional ways of making money. There are online survey sites, but these are unreliable and sometimes scams, and even when theyíre legit, they tend to be extremely time-consuming for extremely low pay. I noticed thereís a tab on my online Wells Fargo account labeled ďbrokerage,Ē and Iíve been wondering what thatís about.

Iíve heard some people say that these days itís better to start your own business than to work for someone else, but I have no idea what I could possibly do for a business. Iíve been learning a bit about making money through blogging, but according to what Iíve read you need to find your ďniche,Ē and I just have too many interests and theyíre too varied. Thereís a lot of self-help literature about making money by blogging that are very explicit about the doís and donítís. I know that I want to write and at this point there are non-review things I want to write. If money werenít a factor I would probably be content to just write without much regard for all the rules and guidelines Iíve been reading.

But I donít even want to do most of this, besides the writing. I donít want to spend my time and energy working on and learning things that I donít have much interest in. I want to spend that time learning the things that interest me and developing myself the way I want to. I want to have a little discretionary income so I can actually buy things for myself. Unfortunately my financial situation doesnít really permit that.

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