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pup Name: Brian Rowe
Date of Birth: 9/7/1980
Location: Brew City USA

All-time favorite game: Fallout 2 (PC)
Least favorite game: Friday the 13th (NES)

Title: Happiness on the horizon
Posted: February 11, 2007 (10:06 PM)
The quick backstory here is that I live in Madison and have a crappy job with a nearly-useless degree that leaves me underqualified for almost everything. I hate it here.

The good news is that a move back to Milwaukee is in the works. I love Milwaukee and will be back by June. As for the job scenario, I have decided to go back to school for a second undergraduate in Journalism. I could stand to learn some more of the techniques, legal issues, and just get some more practice. This time around I want to make the most of my time by getting involved with student organizations and obtaining an internship. Here's to hoping everything works out.

On the HonestGamers side of things, I'm scratching the Burning Crusade expansion off my to-do list. I like to take my sweet time in Warcraft, so I level notoriously slow. That leaves me with two options; play my way and offer an incomplete set of impressions, or plow through and destroy my fun. Instead, I'll pass altogether. Luckily, a friend of mine who seems to know more about WOW than Thottbot is gearing up to do a review. He's a good writer to boot, so I really hope he comes through.

cheekyleeUser: cheekylee
Posted: February 12, 2007 (07:49 PM)
Good luck with the education. Since going back to full-time education myself, I really feel like I have been given a whole new lease of life. My advice, to anyone, is to never stop learning, and to put off the day when you have to go out and work for as long as possible. See, if you enjoy your job, then you'll never work a day in your life.

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