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pup Name: Brian Rowe
Date of Birth: 9/7/1980
Location: Brew City USA

All-time favorite game: Fallout 2 (PC)
Least favorite game: Friday the 13th (NES)

Title: Not enough time in the world
Posted: July 20, 2006 (10:41 AM)
My goal for the ongoing Team Tournament was to have a new review for each week. Well, that isn't happening. I was disappointed about having to use an old review for last week, and now I have to do it again. There just isn't enough time in the world.

I really don't have anything productive to say right now, so I guess that's it.

EmPUser: EmP
Posted: July 20, 2006 (11:24 AM)
My aim is to simply not use any reviews I used last year. And as I won it last year, everyone heaves a sigh of relief at that.

The TT is a place to test your best reviews, young Pup; them being new isn't important.

HalonUser: Halon
Posted: July 20, 2006 (11:59 AM)
IMO the fun is to use new reviews, and write then with an intent of impressing the judges/defeating a certain opponent. I wouldn't do that's so that's why I didn't enter (that and the fact that I was away during the signups).

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