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pup Name: Brian Rowe
Date of Birth: 9/7/1980
Location: Brew City USA

All-time favorite game: Fallout 2 (PC)
Least favorite game: Friday the 13th (NES)

Title: Sick of swords
Posted: March 20, 2006 (12:12 AM)
I've been trolling around websites, looking at all the MMO's coming out over the next year and a half, and I'm not all that excited. What is with all the fantasy settings? I play World of Warcraft regularly, but I don't get into the swords-n-sorcery settings as much as other people seem to. Give me sci-fi, cyberpunk, or even a modern day setting, but please ditch the orcs and elves for a while. It's complete overkill.

From a company standpoint, I thought more companies would have been trying to differentiate themselves from the competition. Instead, it's almost all the same old thing. I do think Huxley sounds interesting, but I don't really know that much about, Webzen, the company behind it.

johnny_cairoUser: johnny_cairo
Posted: March 20, 2006 (01:29 AM)
Look at how well The Sims and The Matrix Online are doing right now. Phallic swords and night elves are the way to go, brother.

EmPUser: EmP
Posted: March 20, 2006 (05:13 AM)
Check out EVE. We've lost DoI to its space piratey grasp already!

GenjUser: Genj
Title: Elves are dumb
Posted: March 20, 2006 (06:05 PM)

pupUser: pup
Posted: March 21, 2006 (12:42 PM)
I can't even explain how many different versions of LOTR names I've seen on World of Warcraft. I want to reach through the computer and smack every single one of them.

Eve does look good and I do want to try it pretty badly. I know there are a few MMO's out now with different settings, but I was referring to upcoming titles.

asherdeusUser: asherdeus
Title: RF Online
Posted: March 23, 2006 (11:05 AM)
I've got a review of RF Online coming up that you might want to check out.

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