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pup Name: Brian Rowe
Date of Birth: 9/7/1980
Location: Brew City USA

All-time favorite game: Fallout 2 (PC)
Least favorite game: Friday the 13th (NES)

Title: Still waiting on Warhammer
Posted: September 07, 2008 (09:30 PM)
Day One: After four hours of waiting in queue the first time around, my internet connection dropped and I got kicked out. Then I tried to use the connection at work, got through the queue, only to realize that the file was 9GBs and wouldn't fit on my flash drive.

Day Two: Coughed up $6 for a Fileplanet membership to skip the queues. Six hours later, the file had downloaded completely, minus a few KB, resulting in an unusable file. Presently halfway through my fourth attempt with a few indeterminable hours to go. Guess I'll go get some coffee and work on some other reviews. It's not like I'll be playing Warhammer Online anytime soon.
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Title: Waiting forever
Posted: September 06, 2008 (04:52 AM)
Currently waiting in line to download my Warhammer Online Beta. 705th in line with approximately 280 minutes to go. Hmm... This could be a problem since I have to work in seven hours. Here's hoping for a speedy download.

In other news, I finally built that PC I've been talking about for something like two years. I was toying around on Newegg, grabbing parts for fun, and realized that I pretty much had a full PC right there. After two weeks of returning and reordering parts, staring at motherboard diagrams, and a fistful of crossed fingers, it's up and running.

Anyway, here's a few stats:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000 (3 Ghz)
4GB RAM (ugh... Fatal1ty's brand)
Radeon 512Mb HD 4850
Antec Nine Hundred case (it's like one giant fan)

Edit: 687 since I started writing. Movin' on up.
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Title: A case of corporate influence
Posted: July 11, 2008 (03:53 PM)
I just received an email that has me a little upset.

A while back, I started posting game trailers on YouTube, with the HG logo attached. These are videos distributed by publishers for the purposes of being exhibited around the internet. A few of them have done quite well. The trailer for Naruto: Ninja Destiny has done especially well and is up to 7,000 hits. This video is the subject of the email.

IDG, which owns such publications as PC World, GamePro, and Games.net, has a problem with my video. They filed a copyright claim against me. While there is no lawsuit involved or any legal actions, it gives IDG the ability to view my traffic info and even advertise on my account space.

What really gets me is that I have no recourse to do anything about it. IDG is one of the big boys, so it automatically gets its way. Never mind that the video was handed out to the press and can be seen on countless other sites.
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Title: More staff changes
Posted: June 07, 2008 (05:20 PM)
It's official. I am no longer on staff with HonestGamers. It was all pretty anti-climatic - no heated arguments or brass knuckle showdowns. Simply put, I've been so busy with other work over the past few months that my contributions have dwindled down to the occasional, frustratingly late ROTW.

On the plus side for me, I have been able to pick up some steady work with GameShark.com and GameRevolution.com (thanks again Draqq). I am also busy working on a blog of my own to add to this crowded scene. In other words, I'm not finished writing by any means.
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Title: It's a special day
Posted: May 06, 2008 (06:52 PM)
It looks like my lucky streak is still going. I just picked up a Sega Saturn for $15. Besides getting a decent price, this is a monumental moment because it also marks the very first Sega System I have ever owned.

Let the game recommendations begin.
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Title: Look what I got
Posted: May 05, 2008 (02:01 PM)
For how much I complain about my day job, it does have it's uses. Just look at the games I managed to pick up this week.

God of War 2 - free
Mass Effect - free
GTA IV - $25

and the coup de grace...

Suikoden II - $30

Title: My poor, beloved zombie
Posted: April 11, 2008 (01:09 PM)
I'm a sucker for movies, games, and comics about the undead. I just wish people would stop messing with the tried and true formulas. Zombies do not and should not need to run fast, spit acid, or learn how to use a gun. Call me a stale traditionalist, but the idea of getting surrounded by a hundred lumbering corpses and feeling helpless in the last remaining seconds of life, is scary enough.

I can tolerate a little bit of change, but there's one thing that I won't stand for. Don't ever make your zombies talk, and if you do, at least record it on something better than your crappy PC mic.

I am now wholly unexcited for the new game, Cry of the Infected. For you impatient chumps, the best is at the end.

Title: Temporary ROTW 3/30/08-4/5/08
Posted: April 11, 2008 (12:34 PM)
I don't know exactly what it's been like for other people, but the forums of HG are almost completely inaccessible to me. I've been waiting for a good time, but it looks like the server switch won't be for a few more days. Since the blogs are still up and running, I'm bringing the Review of the Week here, and after watching far too many reality shows, I feel like switching things up a bit. Let's start off with the runners-up. As for the winner, you'll just have to check the replies. Think of it as the suspenseful commercial break.

You know the rules.

Second Runner-Up

SEGA Superstars Tennis (Xbox 360) by pickhut

The one element of this review that immediately jumped out was how well you seem to know the SEGA lineage. Mind you, I recently outed myself as having never owned a SEGA system. Shocking, I know. I could still recognize Jet Grind Radio, but remembering the names of the characters and levels? What are you, some kind of man-machine hybrid? As a "fan-service" title, the game was obviously meant for someone like you, and you do it proud. As for someone like myself, I would probably buy SST for the actual tennis matches and multiplayer, which are the two aspects that you breezed right over. I love the review, but it wasn't meant for someone like me.

First Runner-Up

Blood Gear (Turbografx-CD) by Felix_Arabia

I try to shy away from long intros that don't talk about the game itself, but this isn't some boring tale of going to GameStop and slapping money on the counter. It's about a game shrouded in mysterious obscurity. I'm intrigued, and the fact that mechs are involved just makes the whole scenario that much better. I loved the early rundown of gameplay for its simplicity. It's brief, but your few descriptions are right on the money. Unless it's the selling point of the game, I hate when people just rundown the pros and cons of every weapon and feature as if I actually know what they talk about. Side-scrolling combat = good. Upgradeable mech = good. That's enough said right there. I am also not a big fan of bulleted points. To your credit though, they're short, emotionally packed, and very effective. I just wish that you had worked them, and the obligatory graphics and sound sections, more seamlessly together. Great stuff, and I'll be looking to buy Blood Gear shortly.
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Title: Turbo Diving Part Two
Posted: April 08, 2008 (12:15 AM)
After way too much haggling and a lot of waiting, I finally got my PC Engine Duo safe and sound. While it came with a couple of crappy games like Fighting Street and Splash Lake, I was pretty surprised by some of the others, including Cosmic Fantasy 2 and Valis 2&3. The real draw was an excellent copy of Dracula X, complete with the artwork and instruction. I haven't played any of them yet though. I've been extremely busy trying to meet a magazine deadline, and what little time I've had has been spent with Winds of Thunder. I think I'm in love with this game.

Next up, I think some Cho Aniki, Downtown Nekketsu, and Cadash are in order. I really need to watch myself though. I'm saving up the cash for a move to San Francisco next year, and all I can think about is adding a modded Saturn to the collection next.
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Title: Turbo Diving
Posted: March 20, 2008 (04:32 PM)
It looks like I might have bought myself a PC Engine Duo this morning, along with a copy of Dracula X and a few miscellaneous games. The guy's auction received no bids. It was his first time selling on eBay, and while he left out some of the most important details, he did include his phone number. I overslept and missed the end of the auction, so I called him up.

Friendly guy. We ended up talking about games and collecting for over a half hour. Now we're going to work out a trade. I get the PC Engine and games, and he gets cash and some of my SNES games. There was talk of a Neo Geo, but I don't know if I have enough games to nab that. Besides, I can't think of anything I would play except Samurai Showdown.

P.S. I have a subscriber on Digg. Crazy...
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Title: Shameless self-promotion
Posted: March 10, 2008 (06:38 PM)
If you like our staff reviews (and why wouldn't you?), and have a Digg.com account, do me a favor and dig some of our front-page reviews. It'll only take a few moments, and it'll help bring new people to the site. Fresh meat faces makes HonestGamers a happier place for everyone.
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Title: Things I learned from my Review hits
Posted: March 05, 2008 (01:52 AM)
- Controversy and sex sell, via Super Columbine Massacre RPG! and Tsuki ~Possession~
- Red Faction II shall forever remain in unwarranted obscurity.
- Nintendo fans read a lot of reviews...
- Unlike COD4 buyers who didn't bother with reviews.
- "Final Fantasy" must be pretty popular.
- I'm not the only one who had a crush on Martha Quinn.
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Title: I now understand bittersweet
Posted: March 04, 2008 (01:03 AM)
I got Rock Band the other day, as I so subtly bragged about earlier. While I love the songs, the character customization, multiplayer, so on and so forth, the equipment is downright crap.

I opened the box, removed about ten layers of useless packaging, and found a guitar that doubles as a maraca. All the buttons work, but something is definitely bouncing around inside. Maybe it's part of the motion sensor, because I can't hold the guitar anything steeper than 20 degrees without the overdrive going off.

One of my friends, who bought Rock Band the very next day, has the same rattle, if not a little worse. At least his Overdrive works properly. Even so, the guitars just feel cheap, like they're going to snap in half at any second. Playskool makes more durable instruments than this.

Then there are the drums (my favorite part). My yellow pad makes a disturbing "clank" sound with every hit. You really have to nail it to make the beat register too, so as you can imagine, I fear that it'll break at any second. Oh yeah... my friend's yellow pad has the exact same problem.

I love the game, but with gear that crapped out before it left the box, I don't know how much use I'll get out of it. At least the microphone works, which is the one thing that I absolutely did not buy the set for.
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Title: It's always something
Posted: February 20, 2008 (12:14 AM)
My Gamebridge came in the mail, albeit a few minutes before I left for work. I spent all day trying to decide which game to pop in first. What did I have, and what could I do, that was worth recording? Gitaroo Man won by a landslide, but mainly because the music might overshadow my average skill.

After a few failed installations I was cruising along. Then the glitches came. A lot of people complained about occasional problems with the audio and visual not syncing up, but this was a complete descent into pixelated, white noise chaos. I let it sit for a few minutes and everything seemed fine. I played a few levels and made a few recordings.

Next problem. I tried to import a video into Windows Movie Maker, and received a program crashing error. The same thing happened with every single video. So to sum things up, I'm right back at square one $40 less in my pocket. I've been wanting to get a new video editing program. Maybe that'll help.

*Downloaded the SUPER file conversion program and everything is running smoothly. Apparently, Movie Maker has problems with MPEG files over a few seconds, so I switched them to AVI.
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Title: Jack Offson rapes NIU
Posted: February 16, 2008 (10:36 AM)
By now, most of you have probably heard about the shooting at Northern Illinois University. Leave it to everyone's favorite, hack lawyer to steal the limelight and twist the tragedy to suit his own agenda. He was last seen on Fox News, posing as an expert on school shootings. Seriously, how sick is that?

Never mind that no one asked him about games, that no one said if Mr. Kazmierczak (shooter) played, and that he had brief military training.

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