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Title: Mum, I'm home!!
Posted: November 22, 2006 (09:59 AM)
So, yeah.

I have now registered on HonestGamers. Three cheers for me.

To those who haven't heard of me yet, I came from the International site that is GameSpot. More exactly, I've heard about this site on the Community Contributions union. So far, I haven't showed too much interest for this site - I didn't had lots of time on my hand - but somehow I managed today to press the "Register" button...

...And that button was kinda slippery. Because I made the mistake of writing my Hotmail address in, account which expired for the love of God, so I had to register again, with a "2" in front of my original username. Craptacular.

At least I could say that I might actually like this site. As far as I've seen and read, everything looks good... I might aswell stick around.

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Type: Review
Game: Every Extend Extra (PSP)
Posted: December 17, 2006 (10:04 AM)
In a short time, Q Entertainment has managed to make only a few games, but all of them proved to be impressive in one way or another. Lumines became a very good reason to buy a PSP, while Meteos is still considered to be one of the best titles for Nintendo DS. Who's the designer behind all of these successes? Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who started as a game designer at United Game Artists. His first success was Rez, a "music shooter" with a trippy graphics style and original concept, which was released ...
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