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pickhut Welcome to my blog. My latest blog entry is right below, I have Dr. Pepper in the fridge, and you're not allowed to use the toilet down the hall. Go to bluberry's blog and use his instead.

Title: Completed AoS
Posted: June 29, 2006 (05:07 PM)
Good game. Short..... but good. It was better than HoD in some aspects. The warping system and music were improvements. Some of the boss fights were actually tougher (like the Death fight), but the majority of the boss fights were easy like in HoD. And again, there were unknown requirements to get the different endings. The twist towards the end of the game was certainly creative.

Well, that about does it with my Castlevania streak I was having. I don't think I'll be playing another CV game next. I'll give Circle of the Moon a shot later.

bluberryUser: bluberry
Posted: June 29, 2006 (07:06 PM)
The first few bosses are retarded like in HoD, but from Headhunter on they're gold. I especially liked Balore and Julius.

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