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pickhut Welcome to my blog. My latest blog entry is right below, I have Dr. Pepper in the fridge, and you're not allowed to use the toilet down the hall. Go to bluberry's blog and use his instead.

Title: Played Crackdown for the first time tonight
Posted: January 29, 2009 (12:02 AM)
Who knew jumping from building to building like The Tick and shooting up a bunch of thugs like Robocop would be this entertaining?

EmPUser: EmP
Posted: January 29, 2009 (08:06 AM)
I knew. I knew back when I reviewed the game eons ago.

pickhutUser: pickhut
Posted: January 29, 2009 (10:24 AM)
Ha, your review was the reason I wanted to get the game.

I... just never bothered to get it until now.

ProfesserPantsUser: ProfesserPants
Title: I almost forgot
Posted: January 29, 2009 (07:28 PM)
I almost forgot how much I enjoyed Crackdown. I kinda of regret putting it on eBay a while back. Maybe I'll give it a rent sometime soon.

mrmiyamotoUser: mrmiyamoto
Posted: February 01, 2009 (11:25 PM)
It's an excellent game for sure, and one that gets overlooked. Its inclusion of the Halo 3 beta invite overshadowed what was a hilariously entertaining game.

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