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pickhut Welcome to my blog. My latest blog entry is right below, I have Dr. Pepper in the fridge, and you're not allowed to use the toilet down the hall. Go to bluberry's blog and use his instead.

Title: Latest Review
Posted: May 26, 2007 (10:50 AM)
Metal Slug 3

Finally got around to writing a new review for this game. Since my view on this version has changed over the years, I've wanted to replace the old review for quite some time.

BREAKING NEWS: My request to remove my old Metal Slug 3 review on GameFAQs was rejected. That was surprising. Hell, I even gave a reason in the optional box thingy. Would've been nice if they gave a reason for the rejection.

zigfriedUser: zigfried
Posted: May 26, 2007 (03:10 PM)
It's because you won a Review of the Month with it. Cnet doesn't let people remove winning reviews.


pickhutUser: pickhut
Posted: May 26, 2007 (03:18 PM)
I figured that would be it... I was actually wishing for a different reason, like bacon loving very long reviews or something.

Well, that sucks. I'll probably just edit the review on there, but I doubt they would allow that, either. Worth a try, though.

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: May 26, 2007 (03:21 PM)
I liek da new one.

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