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pickhut Welcome to my blog. My latest blog entry is right below, I have Dr. Pepper in the fridge, and you're not allowed to use the toilet down the hall. Go to bluberry's blog and use his instead.

Title: Got Earth Defense Force 2017 today
Posted: March 28, 2007 (11:11 PM)
Using a rocket launcher to blow up a tall building with a giant ant on it, then killing the ant in mid air with an assault rifle while being surrounded by an army of giant ants wanting to eat you.... rocks so hard.

Oblivion corner: Still a vampire.

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: March 29, 2007 (09:55 PM)
The SomethingAwful forums were going batshit insane over how great this game is.

pickhutUser: pickhut
Posted: March 29, 2007 (11:09 PM)
It is. Just when you think things couldn't get more crazy, the game manages to top itself every five or so missions. The action gets absurdly chaotic at times.

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