October 19, 2006

I've owned Ninety-Nine Nights for 30 days now, and the only time I actually played it was on the first day. And I only played the tutorial mode. Funny, it was one of the 360 games I was really looking forward to, yet, I always end up ignoring it when I wanna play something. I'm currently playing Hitman: Blood Money now (I'm actually bothering trying to get Silent Assassin ratings now that they're achievements), and with November right around the corner (Gears of War, Sonic etc), I doubt I'll play it until at least the middle of December. Ah well.

In other news, I just might get Snoopy vs. the Red Baron whether it sucks or not because of this.

Woodstock + Giant Gun = Win

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Genj Genj - October 19, 2006 (07:07 PM)
Was it a particularly bad tutorial or were Hitman & Dead Rising too fun?
pickhut pickhut - October 19, 2006 (10:07 PM)
The tutorial was okay, though it got confusing during the troop managing part because I could barely read the buttons that needed to be pressed at the bottom of the screen.

I bought MotoGP'06 on the same day, and since I was still playing the hell out of Dead Rising at the time, I decided to save N3 for the beginning of October. By the time the 1st came around, I felt like playing Table Tennis, instead.

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