I need to stop forgetting and remembering Limited Run Games exist...
May 23, 2017

Because when I'm in forgetful mode, I'm 100% fine. But when I remember, I immediately go to the website, and see all the potential purchases I could have rushed for....

It's soul-crushing seeing a physical PS4 version of Dariusburst in the Sold-Out section. It hurts.

Oh well.

Back to # game.

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honestgamer honestgamer - May 23, 2017 (04:20 PM)
I watched for Dariusburst for weeks, and I jumped on it when it finally became available. I've had to pass on a lot of their stuff, but that's one I knew I absolutely wanted. Sadly, I missed out on the Shantae stuff...
pickhut pickhut - May 23, 2017 (09:16 PM)
Knowing me, I'll forget again, and when I remember, I would miss out on something incredible. Like Night Trap. >_>

At this point, I should just make their website my home page.
honestgamer honestgamer - May 23, 2017 (09:39 PM)
I actually do want Night Trap. Part of the trouble with Limited Run Games is that you have to be paying attention at the times when they briefly make their games available. And if you are busy at work or something, you're stuck heading to eBay... where scalpers immediately put the games up for sale, before they have even received them. The punks!
honestgamer honestgamer - May 23, 2017 (09:42 PM)
Actually, I just looked and there are a few eBay listings for the standard edition (which is the one I chose) for around $76 with free shipping. That's $10 more than the $66 I paid for mine with shipping, but they're still sealed, so that markup isn't necessarily intolerable if you really, really want the game.
pickhut pickhut - May 23, 2017 (10:02 PM)
I'm thinking about it. I make it a rule to never buy a game that goes above its original price listing, and I think I made that rule because I made a few ridiculous game purchases about a decade ago.
pickhut pickhut - May 26, 2017 (03:18 AM)
Might have to pass on this for now, because I just realized the PS4 physical release of Shadow Warrior 2 is limited stock.

I now live in an age where all physical releases I want are limited stock. Like, imagine my shock when I realized the PS4 physical release of Gravity Rush Remastered actually was limited. I was thinking about getting it, then BAM, out of stock and price-gouged.
honestgamer honestgamer - May 26, 2017 (09:49 PM)
I lucked out with Gravity Rush. I found out it was an Amazon exclusive and only $30, and I was all "Well, I'm ordering that, then!" But I didn't think it would become as rare as it actually has. I can't help but think they'll eventually reprint it.

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