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March 27, 2011

Target Earth

After I finished writing my review for TE, I felt like checking out some of the reviews on GameFAQs. A big mistake.

Choice quotes!

"And to think, we thought that the Genesis was a pathetic SNES clone... Wow, we might have been wrong."

I didn't know we were allowed to use our imaginations as facts in reviews. Hmm!

"The only downside is the difficulty level. It is much like Mega Man. Does anyone ever finish Mega Man?"

Mega Man was not that damn hard.

"Replay Value: Syffer is unavailable to write this part of the review for he is playing the game right now."

He gave the game a 9/10, by the way.

"I have loved the game Cybernator for a long time. And when I found out that they actually released Assault Suit Leynoss in the US for Genesis (which is based on the same universe as Cybernator.) I had to pick it up. The result was a mixed bag. Hell. I'm replaying this over and over because I can't get past the third level."

He gave the game an 8/10, by the way.

"Length ?/10: I have never beaten the game however I do know there are about 7-8 stages since once my brother got past level 3 (and he played it till his character died). So my guess is that it is about 7-8 stages. If you have kids and you want them to quit video games then get them this game."

Gave it a 7/10...

Anyway, the recurring theme I noticed in these reviews is that the writers think that being a very hard game is the equivalent to being a very good game. I mean, half these people admitted to not even getting through half the game, yet they still gave it a 7 or 8! I was hoping to read at least one review with a convincing argument that it's a good game. All I got, though, was confusion....

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JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - March 29, 2011 (04:39 AM)
Sounds like some of my old GF reviews. :P
pickhut pickhut - March 29, 2011 (12:32 PM)
We've all been there. XP
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - March 29, 2011 (09:29 PM)
Indeed. :)

Okay, no more emoticons.

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