That had to be the most incompetent match I've recently played in Team Fortress 2
March 14, 2009

It was on the Well map, you know, that map that's been with the game since it was released. We were fighting for the middle control point, the one with the trains passing by. Most of our team was concentrating on getting to it on the surface. I decided to be a Spy and check the place out. No one was guarding it, not even sentries. The ONLY person guarding it was a Scout with that annoyingly unbalanced stun weapon. So, I kept telling my team that the point wasn't being guarded. Nothing happened. They continued to rush towards it on the surface, where the opposing side kept attacking. Then I told them again, and told them to take the water path to get inside. Nothing happened. I continued to be killed by that one Scout. I told them one more time. I don't know what happened next, because I lost my connection at that point.

My head hurts...

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Suskie Suskie - March 14, 2009 (06:09 PM)
I'm assuming it was CP and not Arena?

This reminds me, I'm overdue for a blog entry on my thoughts on the new TF2 updates. I've got a lot to say about 'em.
pickhut pickhut - March 14, 2009 (08:42 PM)
Suskie Suskie - March 15, 2009 (12:12 PM)
I actually think it's a pretty poorly designed map, somehow managing to be both too straightforward and too messy. I can tolerate it as an Arena map but I'm sick of CP, though maybe that can be attributed to playing so much Warpath recently.

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