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December 02, 2007

So, I finally managed to attempt to play through SotN for the first time Friday. Skip to this Sunday, and I'm about to finish up the first castle. I got to the "boss", defeated him... and credits roll. Now, this may have been the first time I'm playing through it, but it's been about ten years since the game originally came out, and I know some things about the game. Like it not ending there...

After the credits finished up, I started the game again, and decided to roam the castle a bit more to see if I have missed anything. I ended up getting some stuff, but nothing I figured would make a difference. So, I toggled through the items menu to see if there was anything I needed to equip. Then I remembered that ring with a vague description I got right before I had the battle. I put it on, fought the boss again... and credits.

Annoyed, I stared at the map for a few seconds, wondering what I missed. Then I wandered around for a little bit, thinking some more. At this time, I was almost about to give up and do something I hate to do: look at a faq. So, I got online, and before I looked one up, I ended up asking blu first, and he gave me vague answers about rings and a succubus to access some goggles. I started up the game again, and that's when I noticed an area that I didn't roam that I forgot all about. Figures that the succubus was in that area...

Still, the game was still vague with what I had to do after I defeated her, and on my way to the boss again with the rings, I accidentally stumbled onto a hidden area with the goggles...

Now, I don't want the game to hold my hand the whole way, but come on, don't be too vague about hints. Same type of incident happened in AoS, where I resorted to reading a faq. Gah.

Oh well, I'm on the second castle now.

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sashanan sashanan - December 03, 2007 (02:30 PM)
At least in the case of SotN, when I finally got around to playing it (not that long ago, I think somewhere in 2006), I KNEW when I got the premature ending that that was what it was.

Not so when I played my first round of Aria of Sorrow. I thought that's how the tale ended and the rest was for a sequel or something. You only fall for that once though - it's now something of a Castlevania tradition to have those fake halfway endings.

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