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Having the same issue with my Otomedius review as I did with my Deathsmiles one...
November 13, 2011

I know what I wanna write, but I'm just so on and off when actually typing it. I think I'm officially burnt out on making shoot-em-up reviews for the year. XD

Must finish review.... must... not be tempted to... play.... Metal Gear Solid HD Collection! Gwah!

Update 1: First paragraph done. Time to eat some delivered pizza.

Update 2 (Nov. 13 - 8:33pm est): Still only one paragraph.

Update 3 (Nov. 14 - 12:44am est): Three paragraphs. >_>

Update 4 (Nov. 15 - 7:11pm est): Woke up from a nap since I only slept 2 hours this morning before going to work. Still only three paragraphs.

Update 5 (Nov. 17 - 2:59pm est): Five paragraphs done. After getting off work, I'm gonna finish this sucker and hopefully get it up this week.

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Otomedius Excellent has grown on me a bit...
November 09, 2011

I didn't want to judge the game based on that one completed experience, so I forced myself to play it a few more times. It's actually not a bad shoot-em-up. And after playing the game for 2 days, I just realized the Y button also works as a charged attack... Helped quite a bit in some situations. >_>

I still think the characters' hit boxes stink.

Otomedius Excellent has one of the worst hit boxes I've seen in a recent shoot-em-up...
November 07, 2011

Konami, how do you fuck up something that hasn't been a huge issue in various Gradius games and spin-offs for the past 26 years?



You've experienced too many Sonic games when...
November 01, 2011

You shit bricks hearing a Super Sonic Racing remix playing as you race against Knuckles in Green Hill.

Mah gawd, Sonic Generations.

October 30, 2011

I've reread that review many times, and yet I've never noticed that mistake until after I submitted it. x_X

Dontcha hate when...
October 27, 2011

You wanna write a review, know EXACTLY what you wanna write, what every paragraph is going to be about... yet you just don't want to actually write/type it out?

I'm having one of those weeks.

I have the first paragraph down, but that was written 4 days ago. I could've had this done by now and moved on to something else. Now I have Daytona USA distracting me, too. XP

Guardian Heroes & Radiant Silvergun: The urge to play still there?
October 12, 2011

So I've known Radiant Silvergun has been available on Live Arcade for a few weeks now, and Guardian Heroes just came out this Wednesday, yet I'm not exactly rushing, nor excited to play either games. I've played and enjoyed the Saturn version of GH many times in the past, and the prospect of playing this with other people online should sound awesome, but I don't seem motivated to download the title. Same goes for RS, which has been regarded by many as one of the best shooters ever.

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