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July 06, 2006


July 04, 2006


It started out with a funny headline, but it got more painful the more you read. Ouch.

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Completed AoS
June 29, 2006

Good game. Short..... but good. It was better than HoD in some aspects. The warping system and music were improvements. Some of the boss fights were actually tougher (like the Death fight), but the majority of the boss fights were easy like in HoD. And again, there were unknown requirements to get the different endings. The twist towards the end of the game was certainly creative.

Well, that about does it with my Castlevania streak I was having. I don't think I'll be playing another CV game next. I'll give Circle of the Moon a shot later.

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Completed HoD
June 24, 2006

The final boss fight was pretty annoying. Not because of the fights themselves, but the unknown requirements to get the final, FINAL boss. After a couple of tries, I finally gave in and looked up a faq to find out I had to wear the two bracelets going into the fight. Next time, hint about something like this, Iga.

Anyway, not a bad game. The music, surprisingly, was mostly forgettable (Juste's theme and the cavern theme were the only ones that stuck in my mind), and every single boss, while they looked cool, were horrifically easy to defeat.

Now on to AoS.

Castlevania Marathon
June 20, 2006

Ever since the incident a while back with the 360, I decided to go play some old games. I then played Castlevania: Dracula X.... which in turn made me want to play a whole bunch of CV games. I went through SCIV, played a little bit of CVII, and completed CVIII (son of a bitch, I forgot how hard that game gets at the end). I got Castlevania Double Pack in the mail today (the package size was ridiculous, it was big enough to fit a Gamecube), so I'm gonna play through HoD and AoS for the first time. Gah, I hope I don't get burned out before I beat these games.


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June 17, 2006

Super Castlevania IV

FINALLY got a chance to beat this game a couple of days ago. Wow, it's actually not that good. Not horrible, however.

(Untitled Post)
June 14, 2006

I got my new AV cables today!................. and the system still doesn't work. Crap.

Uh Ohs
This is something you never want to see when you turn on your 360. *sighs*


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