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May 29, 2007

So, I got something in the mail today that came with an ad. It was promoting a website, www.sellvideogames.com, which you can sell your videogames to. The ad said they pay for shipping, so shoot, I checked out the site. I typed in a couple of games I had to see what they would sell for.

Crap prices.

Well, I didn't think so at first since I tried out some "new" games, but then I started to put in old games that (crazy) people would die to have so that they could stare at it in their living rooms and never play:

Guardian Heroes: $4.13
Panzer Dragoon Saga: $1.27
SotN: $6.12

Yeesh, you could get a lot more off of some sucker at ebay.


May 27, 2007

-blu [5:34 PM]: (5:34:53 PM) Pick: fuck me
(5:34:59 PM) Pick: 8 hours
-blu [5:34 PM]: :>
-Pick [5:35 PM]: In your dreams, you don't even have that type of stamina.
-blu [5:38 PM]: fuck you, in my dreams I've got quadruple the stamina
-blu [5:38 PM]: best 11 seconds of my nightrs
-Pick [5:38 PM]: We're having a conversation about fucking me....
-Pick [5:39 PM]: And I'm gonna post it in my blog before you do! Ha, who's the fool now?


Latest Review
May 26, 2007

Metal Slug 3

Finally got around to writing a new review for this game. Since my view on this version has changed over the years, I've wanted to replace the old review for quite some time.

BREAKING NEWS: My request to remove my old Metal Slug 3 review on GameFAQs was rejected. That was surprising. Hell, I even gave a reason in the optional box thingy. Would've been nice if they gave a reason for the rejection.


Latest Review
May 21, 2007

Super R.C. Pro-Am

Saw a John Rambo trailer last night...
May 20, 2007

and holey crap. HOLEY CRAP.

(edit): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ColXeVm-gxY

Rambo sneaks up on a guy on a jeep and slices his whole head off in one swing... with a small knife. Afterwards, he takes over the mounted machine gun, aims it at the driver, and BLOWS HIM UP. It was like this, except it was the whole body, and most of his blood and guts splattered all over the machine gun. The next thing they showed was some guy about to rape a woman in a room. But as he was starting to unzip, Rambo sneaks uo behind him, grabs his neck, and rips his entire front throat off. Then they showed a montage of action, violence, and a lot of stuff blowing up.

Crap dammit, this might actually turn out to be a really awesome movie.


Comments on some stuff I've been watching.
May 16, 2007

24: Had a nice start, but as the season went on, it just slowly went downhill. Jack had his usual moments of ass-kickery, but even they weren't as awesome as they should be. Latest episode that aired this week was pretty weak, and for once, I wasn't excited to watch an episode. And Jack needs to die this season or at least the next, he just can't be this friggin lucky.

House: It's more or less been the same. Which is good, by the way. The cop storyline sucked, though, since it pretty much fizzled out at the end.

Lost: Kate is an annoying bitch.

Grey's Anatomy: Don't watch it, but I just wanted to say that the "thick" woman looks hot.

Mythbusters: Man, Kari sure smiles a lot.

Heroes: X-Men.

My Name is Earl: Earl in jail. :(

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Latest Review
May 14, 2007

Crack Down

Even though I think it's funny, how did the FAQ for the 360 game Crackdown end up in this game's section? I'm guessing someone assumed it was a prequel or something.


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