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Recent Stuff 9: Fiddles!!
August 13, 2015

Not much in this entry, too. More like a debriefing.


Zombie Army Trilogy: After writing my previous entry on how this review was taking a bit of a toll on me, I actually put the review on hiatus for about four days to play a little longer. At that point in time, I spent a little over 2 weeks with the game, but even seven paragraphs deep into a review, I still felt uncomfortable finishing it without a final push that involved poking in certain corners of its difficulty settings.

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Recent Stuff 8: 'Mini'
August 04, 2015

Just some thoughts.


Shadow Warrior: First game played on the PS4. The system had an Arkham Knight pack-in, but that's currently collecting dust on a shelf since I have yet to play the prior Arkham games. Anyway, my first real glance of SW was back in mid-2014, when I saw a YouTube playthrough of the first few chapters and thought, "Hey, this looks fun!" Fast forward to July 2015, and the nothingness I felt as the ending credits started rolling. As I said in my review, the game had me for the first few chapters, but the thrills died out halfway through. This game really didn't need 17 friggin chapters...

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Recent Stuff 7: Crunched
July 19, 2015


Crash City Mayhem: The ??? game from my last blog entry. It's so shockingly bad. I wanted to compare it to the numbing simplicity of Dreamcast games in my review, but even I thought that would have been an insult to bad Dreamcast games.

Ride the Bullet: A third-person view game where you guide a bullet down a linear path, hitting stuff along the way to your final target. It's not fun.

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Recent Stuff 6: I'm Still Here! Edition
June 08, 2015

Well, May felt like a weird month for me. Tried to get some reviews out, but by the time I actually attempted to stick with a game to review, the month was over... Something tells me that might be a reoccurring theme in the months ahead. Who knows.

"Current Games"

In quotation marks because I either stopped playing these weeks ago or barely touched at all.

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Recent Stuff 5: Playable Teaser
April 27, 2015

Don't really have much of an opener other than to state that, if you've never played P.T. on PSN, you have until April 29th to do so. Apparently, Konami's removing the game after announcing the cancellation of Silent Hills. I'm sure EmP is incredibly depressed that he's never going to play as Norman Reedus.Joking aside, these recent events surrounding Konami, what with their falling out with Kojima Productions and the Silent Hills' cancellation, has got me thinking: when was the last time Konami themselves made a good game? I'm thinking of all the recent titles they've published over the last, maybe, ten years, and they've all been outsourced games. I mean, even Sega, with their recent troubles, still crank out games using in-house teams. I'm honestly at a loss.-Current Games-

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Recent Stuff IV: Friendly Reminder Edition
April 09, 2015

Around the holiday season, the Nintendo Store was selling refurbished Wii U Deluxe consoles for $200, and I mentioned this in HG chat around then, but that went away after a few months. Probably sold all the ones they had in stock. Well, guess what? As of this writing, they're doing it again, and this time they're also selling Deluxe consoles with Super Mario 3D World for $225! So, if you've been thinking about getting a Wii U, and don't mind it being refurbished, here's your opportunity. However, it's only for US and Canada residents, and keep in mind the shipping costs, as well. Also, shipping will take a few weeks, because I bought a refurbished 2DS for my nephew back at the end of August, and I think it didn't even arrive until midway or the end of September. read the full post...]


Recent Stuff III
March 09, 2015

So I've been writing a review for a game... for two and a half weeks now. And it's been driving me nuts that I haven't finished it yet. My goal is to complete it sometime this week, all I need to do is just sit down and commit to the rest of the review.

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