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More (short) stories from BioShock 2 Multiplayer
March 06, 2010

Might as well while I can still remember them.

-I saw someone camp in the vent on the "top" floor of the Farmer's Market map. I decided to do something about that, so I took the long way around, and snuck up right in front of him from around the corner. He had an Elephant Gun, so I was out before I could get him. Fortunately, I had the explosion tonic equipped, so my body killed him after. I'm amazed he didn't even attempt to move.

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Screw my brother
March 05, 2010

Despite the fact that he sprung it on me at the very last possible second, in passing no less, I decided to babysit his son for "a few hours". I ended up watching him for 8 hours while he did whatever the hell he did. He stopped by once for five minutes, in which he got upset at me for feeling tired because I "didn't do anything today". This coming from a person that works at a job for four hours every day (despite now having a family to take care of) then moans about how hard it is.

God, I really hate my brother sometimes.


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March 02, 2010

Air Combat


Random Game Progress Blog Entry Topic Title Thread
February 26, 2010

-BioShock 2 Multiplayer: Getting to Rank 40 in this game is taking forever! I'm currently at Rank 33, which may sound close, but I still got a long ways to go considering how the game ranks you up. It usually takes around 3500/4000 points to get to the next Rank, and the average amount of points I get in team deathmatch, if I'm on the winning team, is 500. If I do bad or I'm on the losing team, it's normally about 300, if I do really good, it's about 800. It's starting to wear me out, but I am looking forward to getting some of the tonics in the later ranks, specifically, the one where my dead corpse explodes, killing anyone taking my picture or just happens to be nearby.

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Don't you just hate when colds/fevers sneak up on you?
February 18, 2010

Happened to me when I woke today. I felt perfectly fine the last few hours before going to bed the other night, but when I woke up, I knew something wasn't right when I got up feeling like I only slept for 2 hours. For the rest of the day, I stayed in bed while my head was hurting, my stomach was in pain, my back was killing me, and my piss hurt. I still feel like crap as I write this, but better. This better be gone by tomorrow.


Latest Review
February 16, 2010

BioShock 2

-Random, Short Multiplayer Story: Team Deathmatch, and both sides were insanely close to reaching the 500 point mark. The other team was at 490 and we were at 480. The other team unfortunately had one player that found a Big Daddy suit, but I was confident that no one on my team would be stupid enough to fight one during this crucial moment. I was quickly proven wrong when one of my team members purposely and idiotically rushed towards the Big Daddy player. We lost. The End.


BioShock 2 First Impressions
February 11, 2010

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