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Pre-Latest Review Blog Entry #3
May 24, 2010

I think I just got my first ever moderation on GameFAQs.
May 23, 2010

Well, maybe I got moderated once before, but if I did, it probably happened five or so years ago. Long enough to forget.

Anyway, this happened on the Metal Slug XX board where people were exposing a glitch that made the full game free. The first time this happened, I marked it and the topic got the deleted. The second time was when someone mentioned the glitch, and when posters asked to share it, I threatened to mark it if it was revealed. I got marked for trolling.


Edit: I just realized that I like to moan a lot in my blog entries...

My first impressions of Metal Slug XX
May 19, 2010

Yes, I downloaded the 1200 MS Point Metal Slug XX (updated version of Metal Slug 7) off Xbox Live Arcade today...


-I decided to play on Hard on my first playthrough. Horrible mistake... At least there were infinity continues.

-The smooth filter makes the backgrounds look like crap.

-Platform jumping?! Edit: I meant pit jumping.

-Pit jumping is tough to do, because you don't know when to jump.

-Holey crap, the second ceiling flytrap section in mission 4 is cheap as hell.

-The hit detection is... suspicious. I keep getting killed when bullets hit the ground in front of me. I even got killed by a bullet in mid-crouch. In mid-crouch! That animation appears for a millisecond.

-I can't believe the sleds can kill you in mission 5...

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I Hate My Brother Blog Entry # 95,347 + Funny Video Reviews
May 15, 2010

I'm making this a double feature, because I know everyone is dying to listen to me bitch about my brother again.

-Funny Video Reviews: Red Letter Media

Okay, last night, I felt like searching for Star Trek: TNG crap on YouTube. After some lame search results, I decided to do a search for Star Trek: Insurrection, because that was one of the ST movies I've never seen much of. One of the first results ended up being a review:

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Latest Review
May 10, 2010

Over Top

After realizing how long Record of Agarest War might be, I decided to take a short hiatus to play and review another game. Over Top was a game I wanted to do for some time now, and I figured it would be an easy one to write for. Turns out it wasn't. After completing my original finished version of the review, I was dissatisfied with the end product after playing a bit more of the game. I ended up throwing out everything in the middle of the review and rewrote those sections. Though, after completing the second finished version, I still wasn't happy with it, and threw out everything in the middle again, rewrote, and modified other parts. The one you see now is the third final version.

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Game Progress Thingy
May 05, 2010

-Record of Agarest War: The game suddenly got a bit more tougher after taking down the Jumbo Cock. In almost every new battle that came after, I usually found myself having to bring back one or two of my characters to life. Though, this mostly has to do with having to fight a bunch of healer types that keep running away from me. Cowards! Those character combos can be a real killer, too, especially during "boss" fights where one enemy can destroy you with one attack, and still has attack points left for another target, and the enemies after him/her have yet to do anything.

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A Jumbo Cock almost destroyed me today
May 02, 2010

Seven/eight hours into Record of Agarest War, and so far, that's the most interesting thing that has happened.

And yes, that's the actual name of the "monster". I'm pretty sure the translators did that on purpose...


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