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July 11, 2010


Images collecting dust on my hard drive
July 07, 2010

Until now.

Posted on GameFAQs Review Contributor board:w.pickhut.com/images/hgbie1.png" width="596" height="567" alt="" />

I just had to take a screenshot of this:w.pickhut.com/images/hgbie2.png" width="424" height="312" alt="" />

The Video Game Museum Forums, back when it was slowly turning to shit. Uncle5555 made this comment simply because Nick didn't like Zelda 3:w.pickhut.com/images/hgbie3.png" width="629" height="416" alt="" />

Back when blu was staff:w.pickhut.com/images/hgbie4.png" width="603" height="377" alt="" />

A very interesting Oblivion review posted on GameFAQs at one point:w.pickhut.com/images/hgbie5.png" width="579" height="618" alt="" />

:D :D :D:

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July 02, 2010

Super Mario 64

Just in case!

Edit: I forgot to uncheck the box. Now I feel like a whore. XD

Anyway, I never intended to write a review for this when I came back for a revisit. Funny how that all changed halfway through playing it...

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June 27, 2010

The House of the Dead: Overkill

I'd have a craving to play THotD2&3 Return if it weren't for the fact I already have four other games waiting to be finished on my Wii...

Watching First Blood Part 2 now reminded me of this YouTube video
June 23, 2010


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June 17, 2010

Metal Slug XX

I'm actually glad I held off reviewing this when it first came out, because I would have had a completely different opinion on it. When I finally decided to review it, I thought it would be best to play through all the games on Anthology first, to get a better impression on where XX stands. To think, I was so close to claiming it was better than MS6 in a review.

This was actually the same situation I was in with Mega Man 10. I had a clouded impression of the game, since I couldn't remember if similar things happened in past games, whether they were better then, and exactly which ones, too. And I wasn't exactly in the mood to play through 9 Mega Man games, so I passed on reviewing it.


The new Contra Hard Corps game has me very worried
June 13, 2010

Brief Footage

I'm not digging the art style, which looks very Guilty Gear-ish. I know the developer for the game is Arc System Works, but cmon, they could have used a different style. It just comes off being lazy. Also, the action looks very weak, and I'm hoping that it's just because this is the start of the game. And one more thing: life bar?! They better take that junk out before the game gets released.


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