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So I just had an enlightened conversation with my brother today
January 28, 2011

Me: Now you can buy an HDTV, because this cable box is ready for it.

Him: HDTV, that's old stuff. That box won't even work with it. You need to stop living in 1995. I'll be getting a flat-screen TV when I could afford one.

Me: ................

Latest Review + Removed sections
January 24, 2011

C: The Contra Adventure


Removed Section 1: Intro "Crawl"

Episode III

C: The Contra Adventure

Calamity! After the devestation

of Legacy of War, Ray Poward has

been struggling to maintain his

reputation as a Hard Corps badass.

His future as a Contra protagonist

is in jeopardy, and the status

of the series is in turmoil.

However, there is hope on the horizon!

The follow-up has the potential

to set things straight and restore

peace and prosperity to the Contra name.

Ray Poward also gets a second chance,

as well, so epic celebrations could be in order...


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Latest Review
January 16, 2011

Alien Syndrome

I never intended to review this game, but when I woke up in bed this Saturday and thought about stuff, this game came to mind. Next thing I knew, I was writing the opening paragraph in my mind while in bed, before even revisiting the game!

Also, this blog entry needs some Quartet music:

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Hope! (Hard Corps: Uprising)
January 13, 2011

Arcade Mode is a harder game mode in which the power-up shops are removed and the players' life gauges are absent.

For the first time, I'm actually kinda looking forward to the game.

Latest Review
January 09, 2011

Domino Rally

Maaaaannnnn, this could've been a good game.

So I was led into believing Wasabi was an action movie
January 08, 2011


It's a cute movie... but still, don't watch it expecting tons of action. There's, like, 5-ish minutes worth of that stuff.

Seeing Jean Reno play DDR was fucking priceless, though. The arcade segment easily would have been the lamest part in the movie if he didn't dance.

Traditional Soccer Simulator
January 05, 2011

Man, soccer has really changed.

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