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200th HG Review
February 28, 2011

Hard Corps: Uprising

For those wondering, here's the interview in question.

Anyway, 200th HG review! Uprising was never intended to be the review, and I never wanted to review the game at all as it was ready to come out. But the second I started playing through the game... I felt I needed to review it. If this was a typical Contra game without the Hard Corps name attached to it, I probably would have given it a higher rating. But it wasn't, and that's why it got the rating you see now.

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Jesus Christ, my car insurance agency sucks.
February 26, 2011

A month and a half ago, I renewed my policy with them and paid the fee, and while I was there, I opted to do auto payment. Here I am, a month and a half later, and I get mail from them this afternoon. It says my renewal has been canceled, and in the very same fucking same envelope, it says I got a payment due on the 26th. Today is the 25th. I'm working tomorrow, and they close early. This is so beyond stupid.

Btw, Saturday is my normal day off, but I have to go in early tomorrow morning because the person that normally works that day took leave at the very last possible second. And I know why. He's going to a strip club this evening. So, yeah, I have to work on my day off just so he can go to a strip club.

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So I walked into a public restroom today and found a used pregnancy test on top the trash lid.
February 18, 2011

Mysterious woman is not pregnant!

Time to celebrate!!


Latest Review + 3DS/Portable Talk
February 13, 2011

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

So, is it me, or has the 3DS been underhyped? About a few days back, I was shocked to discover it was coming out next month. Next month!!

For me, this was basically how I heard about the 3DS progress:

-Hears about 3DS announcement where demonstrations come with chained women.
-Sees images of Kid Icarus.
-Few more months later, hears about a MGS3 port coming to 3DS.
-Few months later, hears about a port of OoT coming to 3DS.
-3D hazard warnings.
-Last week, discovers the release date is in March.

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Gahhhhhhhhh (NfS: Hot Pursuit)
February 08, 2011

I just finished recording 2 hours worth of footage of NfS: Hot Pursuit's multiplayer, and there were a lot of great races with crazy crashes, escapes, and standoffs... Then when I went to look at some of the clips, turns out the game's audio was apparently too loud for the recording software, so all you hear is loud scratching drowning out the actual audio.

I just deleted all the clips. I'm sad. ;__;


So today's moral of the story is:
February 01, 2011

Don't entrust me to park your car. I'll unknowingly hand the keys to a stalker, assuming it was a friend.

Jesus Christ...


Latest Review + NfS: Hot Pursuit Talk
January 31, 2011

Sega Touring Car Championship

So, for the longest time, I was really curious about how this game played. I've constantly heard conflicting opinions on this game, and was wondering if people on both sides were exaggerating. Turns out the game just really, really sucks. How anyone can defend it is beyond my understanding. I should have gotten GunGriffon II on ebay, instead...

With that out of the way, I was finally able to play Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (360) this weekend, even though I've had it since last Monday. Only played Career mode so far, but it seems to be a solid, albeit, a pretty straight-forward racer.

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