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So I saw Punisher: War Zone on TV a few days ago
April 20, 2011

I was expecting to witness the worst thing to ever come out within the last 5 years with the way people have been reacting to the movie ever since its release in theaters.

I actually thought it was a nice, violent action movie. Not the greatest thing I've ever seen, but far, far from the worst. Some of the kills in the movie are over-the-top, but at least they weren't the same, lifeless "shoot people and watch them fall over" types you see in a lot of action movies. I guess the only real issue I can grab from the movie is how... the irony... comical the villains, Jigsaw and his brother, got as the movie went on.

The entire time, I was expecting this to be some action movie, and that's exactly what it was.

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Latest Review
April 13, 2011

Rush'n Attack: Ex-Patriot


Currently playing The Nightmare of Druaga
April 09, 2011

Dungeon crawlers are not normally my thing, but this was going for $5 new on Amazon, so I got it.

I've played three hours into it, and I'm not sure yet if I like or hate it. So far, it seems like a fairly typical dc, but it has some little tiny things that irritate the crap ot of me. Like saving; I get the quick save aspect that pops up between floors, but I just don't get why you're forced to turn off the system with normal saves when you're in town. It's annoying because you have to go through at least 5 logos, an intro, the title screen, and finally, the load option, to finally get back in the game. It's stupid.

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Latest Review + No Valken 2!
April 03, 2011

Assault Suit Leynos 2

What the hell, right? I reviewed the other two games, might as well review the Saturn game before my 14 year old Saturn decides to die on me at any moment. Not gonna review Assault Suits Valken 2, even though it's tempting, pretty cheap to get on ebay, and could probably run the disc decently on an emulator. Tempting in that it's a strategy-rpg similar to the Front Mission games. Dunno why they decided to go the route, but it ended up being the last sequel in the series. :|

Latest Review
April 01, 2011


Never intended to review the game, but I was so bummed out after playing and writing about Target Earth, I had to play Cybernator after the TE review was done to remember how good the game was.

I guess gamers like reading about Power Rangers?
March 31, 2011

My Mighty Morphin Power Rangers review now has 5000 hits. In comparison, my second most viewed review, Hitman: Codename 47, is at 2116.

I never thought a goofy review about Power Rangers would get so many hits. x__X


Latest Review + The TE reviews on GFs really suck.
March 27, 2011

Target Earth

After I finished writing my review for TE, I felt like checking out some of the reviews on GameFAQs. A big mistake.

Choice quotes!

"And to think, we thought that the Genesis was a pathetic SNES clone... Wow, we might have been wrong."

I didn't know we were allowed to use our imaginations as facts in reviews. Hmm!

"The only downside is the difficulty level. It is much like Mega Man. Does anyone ever finish Mega Man?"

Mega Man was not that damn hard.

"Replay Value: Syffer is unavailable to write this part of the review for he is playing the game right now."

He gave the game a 9/10, by the way.

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