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pickhut Welcome to my blog. My latest blog entry is right below, I have Dr. Pepper in the fridge, and you're not allowed to use the toilet down the hall. Go to bluberry's blog and use his instead.

Title: Hey, hey, hey! Now it's my turn to rip everyone off!
Posted: January 15, 2006 (05:04 PM)
Reviews I've written in 2005 (just in case you had absolutely no idea what I was talking about).

I played the crap out of this game throughout the month of January, so it wasn't surprising that I would end up writing a review of it. Overall, I thought it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great, either. It could've done without the whole fake ending, though. And then there's the whole turnip/tulips error...... blu keeps telling me he thought I was making fun of a line from a mid review, and I keep forgetting which review it was. Ha, I'm still surprised at the high score GUTS gave me when I used this in the Beat Zig tournament.

The Getaway: Highspeed II
I haven't played this in a long time, so when I went through it again, it sucked, incredibly. So I wrote a review of it. I think the last time I actually looked at this review was when I finished it.

King of Fighters 95
Another sucky Gameboy game I felt the need to review.

Warrior of Rome
I hate this game with a passion, and I wanted to make sure that was displayed in the review I would use in the Bash/Praise contest. So, I did the insane thing and forced myself to play through this game. Ugh, it was terrible. Personally, I thought it was one of the better reviews I've written that year. The judges thought otherwise, and I ended up getting one of the lowest scores in the tournament.

Crazy Taxi 2
This was originally suppose to be submitted in March, but I was lazy and ended up submitting it in April. Not much else to say about this one.

Megaman Anniversary Collection
The first of many compilation reviews that I would end up reviewing that year. Not a bad review, but it had a few grammar errors in it.

Ninja Gaiden
Interesting story about this review: this is actually the second review I did for the game. The first one was submitted in 2004 on GameFAQs, and I HATED IT. So, in 2005, I took it down from GFs and wrote another one. The irony is that it wasn't big enough to go over the current word count for the game, so the review ended up being an exclusive for HG. It's also my highest viewed review, currently with 315 hits.

Mickey's Ultimate Challenge
One of the more interesting reviews I've decided to do. The review turned out pretty good, describing the game quite well and talking about my problems with it. It's also one of my lowest viewed reviews.

Sega Rally Championship
Another review I thought turned out good. Sadly, it's my lowest viewed Saturn game on HG, with Soviet Strike and Hyper 3-D Pinball getting more hits.

Valis III
ANOTHER review I thought turned out pretty good. Heh, I had a nice streak going there....

Pinball Hall of Fame
Eh, this one turned out okay. Now that I look back at it, the 7/10 rating was too much. The game feels more like a 6/10.

Gungriffon: Allied Strike
I thought this was a pretty standard review. Nothing terrible or great about it.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
I enjoyed writing this one. I really didn't feel like writing in such a normal way for this game, fearing I wouldn't be able to describe the awesomeness of it really well, so I went for a bizarre technique. The game is still good, but I think I went a little bit too far giving it a 9/10 rating after playing Hitman: Contracts a few weeks later. It should've been an 8/10.

I originally wrote a review for this in 2002, back when I just started reviewing. Looking back at it, the review sucked green eggs and ham (moreso than my first NG review), so I wrote another one. It bombed in a contest that I can't remember at this moment.

Metal Slug 4&5
This review turned out surprisingly well, and another one of my favorites of 2005. I used it in a recent contest, and it had a pretty decent placing (better than the onslaught of bombings I tend to go through).

Enduro Racer
Like the Qix review I used in the 2004 Alpha contest, this one sucked. Not really surprised that it bombed in the 2005 Alpha.

Happy Fun Time Bonus: this review and the other Alpha one (Qix) were the only reviews of mine that were ever rejected on GameFAQs. I wonder if my 2006 Alpha review will be rejected....

Atari Anthology
Compilation sucked. So, I wrote a review of it.

Sega Smash Pack Volume 1
Another compilation that sucked, so I wrote a review of it.

Hitman: Codename 47
I knew this game sucked, but I bought it anyways so I can review it.

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
A Castlevania review (can you tell I'm getting lazy at this point in the blog entry?).

Hitman: Contracts
And here's my last review of 2005. It's funny how I make an obvious mistake at the beginning of the year (OutRun2, writing turnips instead of tulips) and at the end (writing array instead of awry, with this review).

And I'm writing more stuff here that's suppose to be the conclusion for this this blog entry. The End.
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: January 13, 2006 (09:08 PM)

hhdgsuhnmnbiorys;igbjl487trsgoubncz; idugstetgbpxgbxogh[s and a bicycle.

Also, I was VERY reluctant of writing "jetpack" instead of "Gearskin". I've looked through the manual, and played through the game, and nowhere was there a mention of the word "jetpack". The manual constantly refered to it as the Gearskin's mobility, so I just considered the Gearskin AS the jetpack.
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Title: *finished watching Predator*
Posted: January 12, 2006 (01:18 AM)
Predator is an awesome movie for many reasons, but one of my top favorite moments is when Jesse Ventura says "I ain't got time to bleed.". I just love the way he delivers that line, makes me chuckle every time I hear it.
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Title: Go, go, Dumbass!
Posted: January 05, 2006 (11:08 PM)
Two days after I beat Gunvalkyrie, I realized I can lock onto multiple targets with Kelly......

Yay! :D
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Title: Wow.
Posted: January 05, 2006 (12:07 AM)
I played Everything or Nothing for three straight hours today. Surprised the crap out of me when I decided to quit.
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Title: Happy New Years Eve!
Posted: December 31, 2005 (03:44 PM)
My mouth hurts.
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: December 25, 2005 (12:59 AM)
Hitman: Contracts

Merry Christmas.
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Title: Season's greetings! From me to the world!
Posted: December 22, 2005 (12:07 AM)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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Title: I saw something really stupid today.
Posted: December 15, 2005 (12:45 AM)
As I was walking around the mall trying to find my brother who wasn't in a place he said he would be, I walked by a fye store. That's when I saw a window display with Xbox 360 boxes with a sign that says "We don't have any Xbox 360s".


Think about that.


If you don't have any units in........ WHY ARE YOU DISPLAYING BOXES OF IT RIGHT BELOW THE SIGN? Someone's either too lazy to put them away, or they love getting people excited and see their utter disappointment when they get closer and read the sign.
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Title: Hey, I made a top ten in my blog, too!
Posted: December 09, 2005 (11:11 PM)
10. 7UP
I like that it makes me burp.

9. OutRun2 (Xbox)

One of the best (and probably one of the most underrated) games of 2004.

8. Earth Wind & Fire

7. That blonde woman with glasses that appears on almost every VH1 comedy show
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

6. Kasumi's nipple

lol, boobz

5. Beef Jerky

4. Anderson Cooper
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

3. The word awesome

2. Mariah Carey
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

1. Dr. Pepper
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Posted: December 05, 2005 (11:45 PM)
Now that I have gained control of an army of reviewers, I will be unstoppable!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I will rule the world!
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Title: Give your post a title:
Posted: December 04, 2005 (02:27 AM)
I bought Condemned: Criminal Origins and Perfect Dark Zero a few days ago. Want my thoughts on these games? Well..... I can't give them, because I haven't played them. Because I don't own a Xbox 360 yet. Because I'm just that awesome.

I also beat Half-Life 2 a few days ago. Interesting ending...... it felt (oops, spoilers) like someone was congratulating me before I even finished the job. It was also a riot to grab combine soldiers with the gravity gun and fling them all over the place. Their screams reminded me of the screams of the soldiers from Metal Slug.
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Title: I'm bored at the moment, so....
Posted: November 26, 2005 (05:32 PM)
Game of the Day: Half-Life 2 (Xbox)
CD of the Day: Earth Wind & Fire Greatest Hits

Title: Latest Review
Posted: November 23, 2005 (02:05 AM)
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Good game. Could've been better, though.
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Title: Uh oh.
Posted: November 20, 2005 (01:21 AM)
PickHut: night
bluberry: foot
bluberry signs off at 2:27 AM
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Posted: November 13, 2005 (03:15 PM)
And for my hard work, I got an HP refill as a reward.......
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Title: LEGION!
Posted: November 11, 2005 (11:45 PM)
You will regret the day I crossed your path! You may have given me a few beat downs with your shiny, glowing form, but I will not give up! With my ever growing strength and my army of Innocent Devils, I will crush you!


The day is mine! I'll take famous titties for 500!
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Posted: November 09, 2005 (12:00 AM)
*CV: CoD spoilers*

Damn, fighting that guy with the tall black hat at the clock tower was a pain in the ass, because he's a pussy. He keeps disappearing, then usually reappears behind me to deliver a poisonous blow from his sword. Then before I get a chance to hit him, he floats to the clock and fast forwards time, making the poison drain my life faster. Then when I FINALLY drain all of his life, he screams like a bitch, floats to the clock, and reverses time to get his life back, forcing me to drain all of it again. He's a pussy. What really makes this annoying is what happens when you finally defeat him: a cutscene will play afterwards, and the guy begs for his life. What does Hector do? He lets him live. What the fuck.

Besides that, the game is pretty good so far.
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: October 31, 2005 (06:22 PM)
Hitman: Codename 47

Hitman: Contracts (third game in the series) have most of the missions from H:C47 remade, so you're better off playing that game instead because it's a more well-rounded title. Though, I'm kind of puzzled as to why they didn't decide to include the jungle missions. It could have turned out to be a neat MGS3-esque type of remake.
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Title: The Week of Pain
Posted: October 28, 2005 (02:17 AM)
It just doesn't fucking stop...... On Tuesday, I had this crappy sickness that had me messed up for the rest of the day. On Wednesday, it went away, but now I had diarrhea and ended up crapping about 15 times that day. On Thursday, that too went away, but now I'm dealing with this annoying pain on the right side of my neck...... I can't wait what I'll get on Friday and Saturday!
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Title: I feel like crap.
Posted: October 25, 2005 (05:25 PM)
So, I woke up today, and every friggin part of my body was aching. It took me almost an hour to get out of bed, and I've been in a dazed state within the last 5 hours. Ugh.
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Title: I'm going to work
Posted: October 22, 2005 (12:11 PM)
And when I get back, I better see some replies to this entry.
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Title: Good grief...... (H:C47 spoilers)
Posted: October 19, 2005 (01:34 AM)
So, my copy of Hitman: Codename 47 came in the mail today, and I was doing fine until I got to the third mission. My task was to kill the Red Dragon negotiator, hide his body, dress up as him, then kill the police chief. Sounds easy, until I started the mission. All I had in my inventory were two guns........ with no bullets. And no fiberwire. How the crap am I suppose to sneak up to someone and take them out without a fiberwire?

Due to this insane predicament, I spent 4 HOURS playing this mission, trying to come through with this crazy ass plan to get a weapon: the mission starts, I run to the resturant, grab the key to the bathroom, sneak out the window, run through the resturant's back door to the cooking area, grab a knife, kill the chef, drag his body into an empty building, make a mad dash to where the negotiator was entering the area, use the knife to kill him, drag his body to a sewer so I can drop his body down it, run around in broad daylight with the knife in plain sight (for some strange reason, I lose the knife if I equip something else) looking for a guard so I can kill and take his weapon, run back to the resturant before the police chief leaves, jump back through the bathroom window, and attempt to kill him, only to get killed off by a dozen guards and the bartender who happens to have an extremely powerful gun, and restart the mission again.

Now, after the 400th try, I was ready to give up on the game, but I decided to check GameFAQs for some faqs for the game. Now, I read the faqs, and they all seemed to hint that you were able to buy weapons and other items before each mission, but nothing of this sort was mentioned in the intstruction manual, and luck would have it, they didn't bother to mention how to access it in the faqs. So, I load up the game again, browse around the menu, and I stumbled across THE WELL HIDDEN SHOP OPTION.

Good fucking grief....... that's one crappy menu.
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Title: Agent 47 is badass.
Posted: October 17, 2005 (03:20 PM)
He's manlier than Solid Snake and can kick Sam Fisher's ass.
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Title: Latest Review: Sega Smash Pack Volume 1
Posted: October 15, 2005 (12:05 AM)
Yes, it's true. I really picked this over Cannon Spike.
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Title: The editorial that was submitted minutes before venter decided to get rid of editorials.
Posted: October 13, 2005 (11:16 PM)
The Reason I Never Completed Doom 3 (contains spoilers)

Doom 3 was a totally different type of game than what its predecessors were like. Instead of going balls to the walls against hordes of demons inside well-lit, brown rooms, you ended up having to trek down dark corridors with your crappy flashlight, wondering when the next freak of nature would pop out and how. It was an overall tense experience, even when you were equipped with powerful weapons like the machine gun and the chainsaw (when used right), you still felt helpless as your marine made his way through hell on Mars. The title's main flaw was that it dragged on forever (and this was the Xbox version I played, mind you), which made it tiring to play late into the game. But those early moments left quite a lasting impression, truly frightening you, back when it all felt fresh. It was made even worse for me because of those damn giant spiders. And you know why? Because I hate spiders! Argh!!

I knew the type of thrill I was getting when I bought D3, but shit, those creatures really fucked me up. It didn't help matters that I knew they were gonna appear because of the build up to their first appearance: I enter a small room, observe it, then head towards the exit. But the door wouldn't open. At this point, I noticed something odd at the top of the screen, and looked up. What I saw was a dead body, wrapped inside a bunch of webbing, hanging upside down above the door.

Of course, I got weary. Then I got even more weary when I realized I had to go inside a floor duct filled with webs. As I slowly and nervously crawled my way through its mini maze, I caught a glimpse of a monster's silhouette, one with many legs, move away. I didn't want to go forward, fearing I would have to battle them inside such a small area, but I didn't have a choice if I wanted to beat the game. After a few minutes (yes, minutes, I was moving real slow), I finally came out of the duct and into an empty, dark room without witnessing anything. It was a completely different story, however, when I gravitated towards the center of the room, and a light yellow-skinned spider quickly popped out of a duct, and GROWLED LIKE A FUCKING LION.

For the next hour or two afterwards (again with the slow moving), it's complete horror for an arachnophobic: venturing through the latter half of Alpha Labs filled with spiders that pop out all over the place. It's even more frightful because it was happening in the first-person view, which gave the illusion that they were coming RIGHT AT YOU. It was absurd to the point where I started looking behind me and at my room's entrance, thinking they were there waiting to pounce me. Thinking about it now, I'm surprised I had the willpower to get through the whole ordeal. But I wouldn't be so fortunate the next time....

When you finally leave Alpha Labs, you won't see any spiders for the next four/five hours. Sounds great, but it just made things more tense. Every time I entered a room or walked down a corridor, it was scary, because I knew they would reappear again, but I didn't know when. And just when I reach the monorails, and my fear started to diminish, BAM, they come out of the shadows, scaring the shit out of me in the process. Figures. At that moment, I couldn't continue; I was just too freaked out. I guess it was because I knew what I was in for and didn't want to go through all that crap again. To this day, I never went beyond the monorails, and most likely never will.

So, congratulations, id, congratulations for scaring the crap out of me with Doom 3.
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Title: lololol
Posted: October 13, 2005 (11:27 AM)
argh angst. emo
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