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pickhut Welcome to my blog. My latest blog entry is right below, I have Dr. Pepper in the fridge, and you're not allowed to use the toilet down the hall. Go to bluberry's blog and use his instead.

Title: Latest Review
Posted: November 02, 2007 (04:29 PM)
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Title: I got a Xbox 360 achievement while taking a dump.
Posted: October 29, 2007 (08:21 PM)
Beat that.

Title: Latest Review
Posted: October 26, 2007 (12:39 AM)
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Title: Finally...
Posted: October 19, 2007 (08:23 PM)
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: October 09, 2007 (07:30 PM)

I just read Sho's NES Ghostbusters review after submitting mine. Pretty amusing stuff.

Edit: genj's was a good read, too.
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Title: We're being invaded.
Posted: October 07, 2007 (11:53 PM)
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Title: Cable Crapping Out
Posted: October 05, 2007 (05:39 PM)
Ever since Monday, my cable has been complete shit. It goes on and off randomly, and when it eventually gets going again, the speed is about the same or even worse than dial-up. I really don't understand what's wrong... I'm starting to think the modem is malfunctioning.
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: October 01, 2007 (08:46 AM)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Whoops... I wrote ricecakes. *edits*
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: September 20, 2007 (08:23 PM)
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: September 12, 2007 (04:44 PM)

I... doubt anyone knew it was up since all of leroux's reviews knocked it off the front page. So, yeah, I actually wrote a new review.
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: September 05, 2007 (09:01 PM)
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Posted: September 03, 2007 (11:12 PM)
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: August 30, 2007 (12:56 AM)
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Title: Before I go to bed....
Posted: August 22, 2007 (11:38 PM)
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: August 13, 2007 (09:03 AM)
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Title: Power outage 2
Posted: August 10, 2007 (12:13 AM)
Deja vu all over again. Like the one from 2 months ago, all the power in the neighborhood just went out for 6 hours today from 4pm till 10pm. Ironically, both happened on my days off. The heat was bad in the last one, but it was worse this time... I had to constantly eat cold stuff and used ice cubes to cool off.

Gah, I hope another one like this doesn't happen for a long time.
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: August 07, 2007 (02:04 AM)
Dead to Rights

I've been meaning to do a review for this for some time now.

Two years to be exact.
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Title: Computer problems
Posted: July 31, 2007 (12:26 AM)
Yeesh, I figured doing an upgrade installation to my computer might end badly, but not this bad.

Right in the middle of installing, the computer just got stuck in an endless cycle of restarting after coming back on for a few seconds. After having to do a recovery, things seemed to be going well. However, in less than 24 hours, my computer goes through two new problems. The first being that it doesn't want to turn off. It just restarts after attempting to shut it off and telling me it recovered from a serious error. Then the second problem occurs: I can't get online. I even went through the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling my browser, it didn't work.

So, now I'm stuck with a messed up computer that I'm gonna take to get repaired. Hopefully, they can see what the problem is. Man, and I just beefed up the RAM a few days ago, too.

I'm using someone else's comp, if you're wondering.
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: July 24, 2007 (01:37 AM)
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Title: Ummm....
Posted: July 20, 2007 (05:18 PM)
Oprah's dog dying is not news. Even when they talked about it for the first time, I thought it was silly, but it's been a few days now and it's still being mentioned. Ridiculous. Stop talking about it on news shows already...
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Title: I'm making this entry because blu said he would sex me up if I did.
Posted: July 17, 2007 (10:56 PM)
MGS4's gameplay.


"Kojima revealed that Snake can take his enemy's weapons in MGS4"

Really? You'd think they would have included this in at least MGS3, or even 2.

blu: or 1, or any game made after 1994

"Snake spotted a huge hole in the wall that was big enough for him to fit though."

I know he's old, but...

"Seeing that yet another PMC soldier was nearby, Kojima showed off Snake's new prop--the oil barrel."

It's great that Kojima has moved on up to a... yeah.

blu: and raiden has a cyborg ninja suit, I can not stress this enough

"Kojima showed that the barrel could also be an effective weapon when Snake rolls on the ground inside it. Naturally, though, Snake was dizzy once he got back up, and we saw him throwing up."

It's nice to know that Snake is living up to being the worst spy ever.

blu: well write a blog about how dumb this shit sounds. XD

Done. Now sex me up.
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: July 17, 2007 (11:02 AM)
Christmas NiGHTS

Sorry, no creepy Christmas story for the opening.
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: July 14, 2007 (08:42 PM)
NiGHTS into Dreams...

I'm not purposely trying to give almost every single Saturn game a 7, I swear.
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Title: Latest Review and Fiction
Posted: July 11, 2007 (11:37 PM)
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: July 04, 2007 (11:14 AM)
Street Fighter: The Movie

My 100th GameFAQs review! If it gets accepted.
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Title: This quote has been bugging me for a few days now.
Posted: July 03, 2007 (11:59 PM)
You've probably seen it too, it's been used in the Ninja Gaiden Sigma ads online and in tv commercials:

"The REAL reason you bought a PS3." - PSM


I mean, I know the game has quite a number of additons to it, but... really?

I can't see myself buying a $600 system for a game that originally came out in 2004. It's just an absurd thing to say.
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: June 26, 2007 (10:57 AM)
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Title: Looked through my Street Fighter Zero instruction manual today, and,
Posted: June 21, 2007 (11:31 PM)

I'm positive the artist drew this knowing it was gonna look perverted...
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Title: Latest Review
Posted: June 18, 2007 (10:56 AM)
Die Hard Arcade

I was originally gonna review Die Hard Trilogy, but when I got it in the mail... I got the PSOne version. Well, at least I only spent $11 on it, and it's actually a copy that's never been opened before.

Also, I wrote "yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker" somewhere in the review, but I removed it at the last second. I mentioned it to blu, and he told me it was suppose to be ay instead of yay. After that, I searched the interweb for quotes on different kinds of sites, but they kept differing between ay and yay. Finally, I decided to look at the script for the movie... and it was written as yea. After an hour, I just gave up and removed the word.
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Title: I love reading instruction manuals sometimes
Posted: June 11, 2007 (03:00 PM)
irregular discs

Now, you know some idiot probably tried to put a silly looking "disc" into a DVD player at some point, complained to the company for the player being broken, and that's how this ended up in the book.
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