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overdrive Welcome to my blog. Here, you may read all of my reviews. That will take a good deal of time, as I have penned quite a large number of them. I advise you to start now. And don't forget, constantly offer me praise concerning how great I am at doing what I do!

Title: One more acquisition!
Posted: June 14, 2010 (12:13 AM)
Since GameStop seems to be really hard to promote their card (apparently due to some change they made or something...I don't care), they're currently giving more trade-in value to stuff you bring in and lowering the price of what you take out. So I dumped off a couple more games I'll never play again and grabbed Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the 360. Like Infinite Undiscovery, it'll be a while before I ever play it, but whatever. One more J-RPG for the system in my possession.

Speaking of which, is there any reason pre-owned versions of Tales of Vesperia are so expensive? My GameStop had it at $44.99. I thought it came out in late 2008. Is it rare? I don't know why I care, as I've found all three "Tales..." games I've played (SFam Phantasia, PS1 Destiny and PS2 Legendia) to be repetitive deals that get dull after a bit. But if I saw that game for under $20 somewhere, I'd pick it up for the hell of it (that's why I got Infinite Undiscovery).

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: June 14, 2010 (01:49 PM)
I believe Vesperia is no longer in print. I got my copy for $30 new last year, and Amazon was even selling it for $15 on Black Friday. Video game prices are very odd like this. Now that the initial stock is gone from retailers, you will see used prices shoot up.

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