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overdrive Welcome to my blog. Here, you may read all of my reviews. That will take a good deal of time, as I have penned quite a large number of them. I advise you to start now. And don't forget, constantly offer me praise concerning how great I am at doing what I do!

Posted: April 10, 2010 (03:21 PM)
Project: Snowblind

I had fun with that game.

On another note, does anyone have that "nemesis" game? By which I mean a good game that you like and get into, but never seem to really make much progress with it. I started a new attempt on my nemesis game last night: the SNES Ogre Battle. I love so many things about the game, in particular how you have to monitor the strength of your units because your reputation goes down the drain if you build up a tiny handful of units and have them slaughter all the enemy...or liberate towns with low-aligned units and whatnot. And who wants to achieve an ending that features your character as a soon-to-be assassinated tyrant?

But the problem is that I've never gotten that ending or any of the better ones because I ALWAYS get bogged down a certain percent in and wind up putting it down. Maybe I should be an asshole tyrant who only uses powerhouse units and levels them to where they slaughter everything the enemy has, instead of trying to manage so many reputation factors.

zippdementiaUser: zippdementia
Posted: April 11, 2010 (04:16 PM)
Eternal Poison is like that for me. Probably even more like that is Persona 4. God I want to finish that game. God I can't seem to find the interest in playing it.

The biggest, though... that would be Radiata Stories. I absolutely love the game. I can't figure out why I haven't finished it. I'm thinking about starting over, since my old save is on my PS2, and that's in my closet... but one thing I DONT like about the game is the inordinately long opening.

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