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overdrive Welcome to my blog. Here, you may read all of my reviews. That will take a good deal of time, as I have penned quite a large number of them. I advise you to start now. And don't forget, constantly offer me praise concerning how great I am at doing what I do!

Title: Another review.
Posted: November 13, 2009 (03:18 PM)
Revelations: The Demon Slayer

This is for the Brevity or Bust challAnge.

As for my other gaming, I'm fiddling with Oblivion and screwing around with the first SNES Shin Megami Tensei and with Mystic Ark, but I'm really not focused on much of anything. Very unfocused, actually, with my gaming. Just sort of playing something for a half hour and then picking up something else. You'll have that.

bloomerUser: bloomer
Posted: November 13, 2009 (06:57 PM)
After reading the rest, I felt you could probably have made this a one line review, that line being the first one, maybe with one clause added :) I don't mean this insultingly, but just in terms of the Brevity or Bust comp... the only part that began to be non-standard was the monster-collecting, but even that's par for this series. The outcome of your sensible desire as a reviewer to qualify your first statement was that, by review's end, you showed that the first statement was almost capable of standing alone, because it was qualified.

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