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April 16, 2015

I finished Yume Penguin Monogatari and reviewed it. Same with EvilQuest, if I hadn't already mentioned that.

I'm about done with Super Mario Galaxy. Not 120-star complete, as that would take more effort than I generally feel like putting out into anything. Too many games to play to obsess over 100%-ing them, unless it's pretty cut-and-dry to do so (or I'm enamored enough to naturally do so, like with my side-quest completing in Xenoblade Chronicles. I've gotten about 80 stars give or take and done all the main ones except the final two in Melty Molten Galaxy, gotten all the hidden stars except 2-3 from all the completed galaxies and even did a few comet stars. Very good game. My main regret is that playing it coincided with a couple big projects, namely my "let's pick up Skyrim again and do EVERYTHING!!!" one, which meant it would spend large amounts of time on the back burner getting played every few weeks for a half hour or so. My goal is to do better whenever I play SMG 2.

I'm also close to being done with N.T. Burning Heroes. I will be less complementary about that game. It will be a very entertaining review, in likelihood, as I'm just letting the bile and hatred build in me for every session I endure of it. I'm about halfway through the final character's quest...or one dungeon away from being halfway, so it shouldn't be much longer.

I'm making decent progress in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Finished Malik's sidequest to RUIN some dumbass murderer in Hengsha, so now it's time to find the hacker in the little coffin-size-apartment building. All I know is I'd totally hate living in one of those pods. When I first went there, I felt I should sneak through and just do lethal takedowns on everyone to put them out of their misery.

In more short updates, I beat King Looter in Magicians and Looters and followed his jester to a place called the Tapper Caves. I'm a bit nervous about this place, as from what I know, it hosts a boss that's generally been considered one of those "if you're not great, it all ends here" challenges. I've made it through two chapters of Gwendolyn's book of Odin Sphere and am in the cave by Sage Yulyena looking for the vestal's garb stuff in Bravely Default. I also got past the first Idura fight in Lufia 2 after beating Gades. Had more trouble with that one than I recall in the past. Also am progressing through Eschalon Book One, killing insects in a forest now in my bid to get to Bordertown via a different path so I can hopefully take out all the Thugs I'd aggro'd without them all jumping me at once.

And I started Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors 2. After about 10 minutes of play, I now am going to work to implement the 255-continue code in a bid to garner some sort of enjoyment out of the game. I'm sure I still won't be able to use them in IceFire Mountain at the end, but damn... It brings back the "enemies divebomb you out of nowhere at all times" aspect of the first game, but instead of unlimited continues, gives you two per game with a password system for saving progress. So, you basically just get constantly whittled down life-wise while hoping you've learned the layout of each level so you can get all the good items as quickly as possible to move to the next area before too much damage has been done or too many lives have been lost.

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joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - April 17, 2015 (10:35 AM)
Is collecting 120 stars in Mario Galaxy really that hard? I finished my umpteenth 100% Super Mario 64 run a couple of days ago.
overdrive overdrive - April 17, 2015 (11:56 AM)
Overall, I wouldn't say BRUTALLY hard, if you're good with the Wii-chuck. A few of them (the levels unlocked by getting the three Luigi stars) require you to be pretty skilled with it, to do things like ride a manta through a course quickly and take a rolling ball through an obstacle course. And a number of the Comet stars can be kind of tough -- like a couple Daredevil Comets make you beat a couple of the tougher bosses without taking any damage; some Purple Coin stars have tough time limits; and the Clone ones have you racing a clone through a level (although I've heard that if you get all 120 and play with Luigi, those are a lot tougher there).

With me, a big part of it is just that I tend to rarely have any desire to 100% games any more, with the exception of the rare RPG-type. Especially in situations like this, where instead of being new content, most of those Comet stars are rehashing old levels, but in ways that make them more difficult in some way.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - April 18, 2015 (02:53 PM)
That doesn't sound very fun. In Mario 64, just about every star had a unique objective, so hunting them down was fun. The more I hear about Mario Galaxy, the more I feel I didn't miss out on much of anything.

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