Today's games are making me lazy!
March 31, 2015

So, most games of today have this extensive auto-save philosophy where you don't even really need to manually save, except as a precaution. Every once in a while, this can bite me, but usually in the "man, I'll have to re-do an entire floor of a Skyrim dungeon; that'll take five minutes!" sort of way.

Well, last night, it got me in a different way. Apparently in my previous session with Xenoblade Chronicles, I never saved after being done playing. And this is a game you never really have to save in unless you're getting ready to stop for the day, as death only sends you back to a checkpoint with all experience and accomplishments intact. You lose nothing other than the time it takes to get back to where you died. This meant I had to re-explore the eastern part of the Bionis Leg (and upper level) and do a number of side-quests over again. Fortunately, this was more of an annoyance than a real setback, as I was able to do all the side-quests in a more convenient order -- not just the ones I'd done previously, but ALL the ones for the Leg that hadn't been completed.

Only two were any sort of real pain. Getting the five things from Wisp enemies was annoying, as the item you need is a rare drop, and Wisps love to fly just out of range over water, forcing you to back away to lure them into range. Fortunately, they only seem to react to the guy you're controlling, so I was able to instigate combat and then back away until it moved into Reyn's range, so I mainly had to deal with the "kill 20 to get 5 items" issue. The other one involved killing a particular Unique which only spawns during thunderstorms and it took a lot of time manipulation to trigger one. But I finished them all and can work with the main plot again and actually talk to Sharla and Juju. I also finished the side-quest to kill the Unique Dark Murkamor by the first town. It's good to be complete. So far, all my unfinished side-quests are in that town. Usually involving finding items that aren't commonly found, although I do need to swim to one of those shores guarded by really high-level fish and stuff to find a missing NPC also.

I also made good progress in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, making it past Barrett to the second hub. Man, I wish I'd known about the Director's Cut before buying the original. With my sneaky hacker guy, I never would have beaten Mr. Incredible-Hulk-With-A-Minigun-Arm without a guide to tell me I better frickin' buy the Typhoon for some heavy-duty offensive capacity. If not for that, I'd have been stuck with nothing but a 10mm gun, a couple grenades and the ability to throw things at him.

I've made advancements in other games.

Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millennium Girl: advanced through the second trip to Gladsheim, beating Coeurl. Also did L6 in the main dungeon.

Front Mission 3: Made it to the Phillipines in Alisa's branch, so I was able to do a bunch of Wanzer upgrading.

Odin Sphere: I started it and played just enough to know I need to do stuff to get better, or at least get better at things more complicated than "pound the attack button". Those Unicorn Knight minibosses in C1 of the first character are a bit rough on me. Killed one, but not the one which summons the flying archers.

EvilQuest is finished. Of other Indie titles, I've done about half of King Looter's Castle in Magicians and Looters and started the really blah Unreal Land. The things I subject myself to in order to clear all the letters for once.

I'm almost done with the Toy Time Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Got two stars on Sunday and almost got the fourth (and final I care to go after), but failed at the boss due to a combination of my screwing up and that damn spring power-up being the bane of my existence.

In Eschalon Book One, I think I might be starting to make progress. I did the underground dungeon part of Grimmhold, which unlocks most of the above-ground part, which I'm going through now. Well, there are a couple things I still need to do underground, such as the room with the treasure chest which if you open, unlocks three Noximander cages. Or was it four? Regardless, I need to get a bit tougher to handle that.

Also, I beat Gades (in the "for reals" fight; I'm not dedicated enough to try for beating him in the "you gonna die" encounter) in Lufia II; I'm getting close to getting done with the seventh of eight characters in N.T. Burning Heroes and I've started and done a couple stages of Famicom platformers Yume Penguin Monogatari. Ah, a blatant fat-shaming video game...probably wouldn't fly so well in today's age, which is the sort of thing that'll make writing that review very evilly fun for me.

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pickhut pickhut - April 06, 2015 (01:39 AM)
Since you've been playing Etrian Odyssey Untold, I just remembered something that confused me reading about that game a few months back. Is it supposed to be some kind of reboot or something? Never played any of the games, but they do seem interesting.
overdrive overdrive - April 07, 2015 (03:09 PM)
It's not a reboot; more of an enhanced remake of the first EO for the DS. It is upgraded a bit for the new system and includes a "story mode" which gives you a pre-made party and a new dungeon, while altering/adding a few things. Since you haven't played any of the games (like me before getting this), this is a good place to start.

Also seem to recall seeing that the remake of the second is out for the 3DS in Japan, so I'm hoping that gets brought over, too. I'm liking this. The touch-screen is perfect for making maps and the difficulty definitely reminds me of the old-school first-person dungeon crawlers.
pickhut pickhut - April 09, 2015 (03:19 AM)
Ah, thanks. I'll keep Untold in mind if I ever wanna try an EO game.

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