Evil Empires Are Silly
September 30, 2011

So, I started playing Stella Deus (PS2 turn-based strategy) last night. Like many games, it has an evil empire. There's a head overlord dude and four generals under him.

One of these generals, Viper, is an over-the-top insane guy. Crazed cackling before each line and a love of killing everyone he meets.

So, how does a guy like that become a GENERAL in any army worth anything? The other three generals all have come off as mentally competent and/or tough potential opponents. He's just an insane guy who the other ones seem to consider incompetent. Sure, guys like that might have a future in evil armies (as the rabid dog types you use to strike fear in the people to make them susceptible to what you're doing), but as a GENERAL? When the other generals look at him with contempt.

Pure silliness!!!

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honestgamer honestgamer - September 30, 2011 (01:44 PM)
Evil empires are run by people who get results or who are related to someone who gets results. There's room in that dynamic for the occasional crazy person.
Genj Genj - October 01, 2011 (08:34 AM)
I thought this was going to be about the Yankees.
SamildanachEmrys SamildanachEmrys - October 02, 2011 (05:04 PM)
I thought this was going to be about the Yankees.

Misguided empire :p
fleinn fleinn - October 02, 2011 (05:38 PM)
..as someone who has never really benefited from the skills I have. At least to get any sort of high position -- to me it makes perfect sense.

I had a boss for a while who basically had no skills. He couldn't type a letter on a keyboard. Even if he could do that, he wouldn't have been able to write something worth reading. He couldn't organise anything, or motivate people. The report-system he used for filing numbers and sales and so on apparently was always wrong, it turned out. It's basically a sheet with a bunch of columns. Straight ones, from left to right. Not rows at an angle, or oriented by some advanced mathematical formula.

But he was incredibly good at looking like a boss. That's not just me making fun of the guy either - he genuinely had something about him that oozed "boss". Once you got to know the guy, that impression would fade away like rainbows under a fertilizer spray on farm, though.

But that was all he knew how to do. Be boss. One guy I knew described his interpersonal skills as if he had learned a foreign language by copying phrases from sitcoms. Like someone get some of the sounds right, but never seem to say anything that isn't either tropes upon clichés, or else it doesn't make sense.

Those guys float to the top, though. Bob up and down sometimes - but they stay on the upper layer somehow.


..besides, if the evil empire had clever generals, they wouldn't be stuck on the losing team, would they? Had that with Kya-haha-ha, and Hya-a-haha-aha in FF7. They would retire subordinates by the scores. Only natural that extremely ambitious and short-sighted idiots end up as general then.

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