Hits equal 300K
September 05, 2011

Just another accomplishment on my part. This time getting my hits over the 300,000 mark. And I'm one hit shy of having 100 reviews with 1,000+ hits each.

It's about time there was a reason to have a holiday on the first Monday in September in the U.S.!

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EmP EmP - September 05, 2011 (10:36 AM)
I remember when I hit both those landmarks. Two or three years ago!

Suskie Suskie - September 05, 2011 (11:53 AM)
I wonder if OD will ever make a post like this without EmP going "HAR I AM STILL AHEAD OF YOU"
EmP EmP - September 05, 2011 (12:23 PM)
Not while I draw breath, no.
overdrive overdrive - September 05, 2011 (12:40 PM)
What if I make posts like this about every single thing I do? It'd have to get tiresome after a while to one-up them when they entail things like "301,550 HITS!!!", "301,600 HITS!!!!", "301,625 HITS!!!!!!!" and I make roughly a dozen of them per day.
EmP EmP - September 05, 2011 (01:04 PM)
You underestimate my spite, sir.
WilltheGreat WilltheGreat - September 05, 2011 (01:58 PM)
This reminds me: Jason, would it be possible to have a Page Views counter in addition to a Hits counter for reviews?
honestgamer honestgamer - September 05, 2011 (03:34 PM)
I'm not sure I understand the question, Will. The site keeps track of how many hits there are for reviews (which is page views) and it keeps track of how many times your blog is viewed. What are you asking me to add?
WilltheGreat WilltheGreat - September 08, 2011 (12:00 AM)
Short answer: Hits and Page Views are not the same thing.

Long answer:


honestgamer honestgamer - September 08, 2011 (12:18 AM)
Yes, the counter for reviews does and always has tracked page views, not individual visitors. Multiple views from the same person count as multiple hits. The site does not install a cookie when you view a review, nor track it elsewise. :-)
Masters Masters - September 08, 2011 (06:46 AM)
Congrats Rob. Not as big of an announcement as Joe having a kid, but VERY CLOSE.

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