That next update post (post RF Guerrilla edition)
July 08, 2011

Been playing a good bit of Cthulhu Saves the World. Up to the dungeon in Innsmouth, which means I've done most things in the game. With the exception of the Astral Cave and final dungeon. And optional fight with Dem from Breath of Death VII.

Downloaded Apple Jack (platformer) as the game I spend my other 80 points on. First couple levels are simple, but there's potential once the game stops with the hand-holding.

Basically up to the part of Breath of Fire II where I fight the circus ringmaster to rescue Spar. Algernon was as tough a boss as I remembered. Even though I've been grinding a bit, it still was a tough battle. Its two sidekicks come back to life way too quickly.

And through 3-2 in Yoshi's Island.

Also, in my replay of Dragon Quest VIII, I finished the Argon Heart quest with Charmles(s), so it'll be time to take on Dhoulmagus...after a bit more treasure hunting and whatnot. I've ground enough in this game just by searching for all the overworld chests that this ought to be a bit easier than it was the first time through. Dhoulmagus was easily the toughest fight then. I won, but was all but out of magic.

Might do a shmup or something soon. Haven't done one (excepting my re-do of Wings of War) in some time.

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