February 17, 2010

Batman: Arkham Asylum is complete!

In early January, I went to my best friend's house and we spent an entire day playing this game. I had plans to have it reviewed by the middle of that month. But instead, it stuck on my desktop and stuck there and stuck there with me occasionally opening it and adding a bit more or deleting a bit. Finally, today, I finished it! Now on to my next review, which hopefully will take less than a month to type.

Right now, I'm mainly playing my contest game, another game in its series and Medal of Honor: Frontline. And I noticed that Bioware released an update a couple weeks ago fixing the Dragon Age: Origins specializations glitch their Return to Ostragor DLC caused (if you were "lucky" enough to download it before they realized the problem and took it from their servers). So, I'll probably be picking that back up, as well.

And I'm entering a busy time at work for the next two-three weeks, as well. All sorts o' crazy crap going down, I guess!

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