At least one more letter!
December 30, 2009

J = James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Which brings me up to 18. Which is where I'll finish. I have one more review that I may finish tomorrow if I can get motivated to finalize it (writer's block has been a bastard with it), but it's for a letter I've already done.

In other news, since I haven't updated my Dragon Age: Origins quest!

1. Did the lower part of the Dalish forest ruins. Killed a Revenant there. He was a rough one, but I had far more trouble with the Arcane Horror in a different room. That bastard teleported all over the place blasting me with spells. Not cool....

2. Instead of going to the Werewolf Lair, I decided to think outside the box and went around the world a bit to get some sidequests. Mainly the capital city and the port on the way to the Mage Tower. Killed random thugs and stuff. And another Revenant.

3. Went back to the forest. Took out the Greater Shade in the west part. The key to not losing 3/4 of your party apparently is to not examine anything and leave immediately. In the east part, a quest I had unlocks a battle with Blood Mages near where you can have a big undead fight by tampering with a tombstone. They got the better of me during my first go at them, so I decided to try again later.

Now in the Werewolf lair. Due to being assigned Avatar, I haven't progressed from there. And it will be a few days before I do, as I have to focus on my ABC tourney game when I play stuff from now until Sunday night.

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