Dragon Age: Origins III
December 10, 2009

And my journey continues. My party is Me, Alistair, Morrigan and Shale.

1. Bought and played The Warden's Keep downloadable content. Kind of a fun little quest.

2. Been short on playing time, but still have done a good chunk of the Dalish/Werewolf quest. Where I've learned the important lesson that Revenants are real bastards. I'll be going back to these woods at a later time for the tombstone battles and to collect 1-2 chests that I'm not good enough at lockpicking yet to open.

3. Currently in the lower ruins. Fought a dragon to get there and have been taking out undead left and right now that I am there. Got some Juggernaut armor for killing some shades, which opened up the tombstone quest completely (so I can get killed by Revs at three places instead of one, apparently). No hurry to have that happen, as it'll be a while before Alistair is strong enough to equip it.

In the first part of the forest, near the poet tree, there's a campsite. Just by inspecting any of it, your party winds up falling asleep. Then, three of them are dead and the survivor has to go one-on-one with a Greater Shade. Which leads to it killing Morrigan (who's my survivor), as she has no physical ability. I looked this place up online and found that it's your highest-willpower character that survives. There was one message board post from somewhere that stated there allegedly is a way to make choices so you don't lose 3/4 of your party. Does anyone know about this? It's kinda an unimportant side-thing along the path, but the completionist in me does want to slaughter that shade.

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Suskie Suskie - December 10, 2009 (10:59 AM)
I've seen the campsite scenario play out numerous times (I did it repeatedly until I beat it, plus my roommate attempted it twice with me helping him) and have never once seen anyone but Morrigan survive the hypnosis. So I can't help you there.

I wound up just running the fuck away from the Abomination and casting spells until it died. My main character is a drive-me-closer-I-want-to-hit-them-with-my-sword type, and I usually just leave the spellcasting to Tactic-driven AI, so I was a little lost for the most part but it only took me a few tries once I figured out what was going on.

I think it might be weak against one of the specific elements. Try them all out and see what works, and keep your distance in the meantime.

Edit: Oh yeah, the Revenants are a pain in the ass, but you definitely need to kill the ones in the forest at some point. All four pieces of the insanely badass Juggernaut armor are hidden in the section you're in (three in the woods, one involving a puzzle in the ruins) and they're absolutely worth the struggle. You need a really high strength to wear them (or dexterity, whichever affects armor, I forget) so if you're still not far in the game you probably don't need to go after it yet, but don't forget about it.
overdrive overdrive - December 10, 2009 (12:05 PM)
Yeah. I don't need to worry about the Juggernaut stuff now. I got the one in the ruins with the puzzle/easy fight with shades and I think it requires something like 38 strength and I think Alistair's something like mid-20s. One of the reasons I'm using my blog for gameplay updates is to help me remember things to come back for. So far in the forest, there's the three Rev/tombstone fights for Juggernaut stuff, a treasure chest or two I don't have the skill to open right now and possibly just killing the mad hermit just for the fun of it. Tried that once, but the combo of his spells and the greater rage demons seemed a bit tough.

My character's more of a melee-style rogue. I'm looking forward to my next level gain, as it'll allow me to unlock a passive skill where any hit on a stunned foe equals backstab damage, which is great because my main melee tactic is to use the really basic "stun enemy" skill rogues get and then whack 'em a couple times while they're stunned. Getting extra damage for doing that will be great.

I guess I could tinker with Morrigan's quick-skills, so her heal spell is one of them. Use her cold spell to freeze/damage it, so she can maintain distance and heal when necessary. Just because I figure for such a pain in the ass thing to do, there has to at least be ONE neat little piece of merchandise in that area as a reward.
jerec jerec - December 10, 2009 (12:52 PM)
I think if during your inspection if you try to leave the campsite before falling asleep, it all changes and then all four of your party members are still able to fight off the monster.

I did manage to kill it with just Morrigan the first time around. Had to use a bunch of healing and mana potions, and just made sure to keep my distance.
Suskie Suskie - December 10, 2009 (01:22 PM)
By the way, one more thing: You fought a drake. Not a dragon. You have not fought a dragon yet. You HAVE NOT fought a dragon yet.
jerec jerec - December 10, 2009 (01:55 PM)
Yeah, you'll know it when you fight a dragon because it will KICK YOUR ASS.

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