Three more Evilution levels done.
August 15, 2008

4. Wormhole One of those levels that could have been great, but falls short due to bland design. On the surface, it looks like a very tiny level and it can be completed very quickly, but a bit of exploration leads to a teleporter that warps you to a mirror image level that expands to include a few more rooms. Problem is that neither half of the level is particularly exciting. There's a couple okay traps in the first half and a sneaky Archvile in the second, but very little else of note. 4/10

5. Hangar This is a fun level right here with a number of good fights, both in cramped and open situations. One minute, you'll be fighting Cacos, Imps and Soldiers in narrow hallways; the next, you'll be launching rockets across a courtyard to take out distant Chaingunners and Imps.....or fighting Hell Knights and Revenants in a vast chamber. Speaking of Revenants, keep an eye out for 'em if you go after that tantalizing Supercharge. 7/10

6. Open Season Second straight fun level highlighted by "the key room". All three keys are in the same room, but you have to enter various parts of it by different ways to get all three, meaning you'll constantly be searching for switches, warps, etc. to unlock the next new path. Some fun, if pretty easy, fights here. 6/10

That is all.

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