August 14, 2008


Yes, I did a non-short review for a non-Atari 2600 game! Aren't you proud of me? I am!

And here's a couple more TnT Evilution level reviews as some bonus material.

2. Human BBQ I like this level a decent amount. You have good progression and a few nice fights in decent-size courtyard areas. Especially, when you cross an invisible tripwire and notice that behind you, a few Cacos and Imps are starting to cross the distance rapidly. That's a fun little battle. 7/10

3. Power Control This level was close to being great, but after the great part is done, the rest is anti-climactic. You have a great courtyard brawl where you have a ton of enemies in a circular path around it and a good deal more inside the yard. But when they're all cleared out, you just have a few small side areas with keys (and the easiest Arch-vile fight you'd ever hope to see). 5/10

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