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August 13, 2008

I watched TV last night. Baseball and then the Olympics for a bit. Because of that, I got a decent amount of DOOMing in, as I hate just sitting and watching the tube when I can be doing something else at the same time.

So, here's what went down in ICARUS:

8. Donnybrook uneven level with some fun parts. After taking out some Mancubi and Cacos, you have a hellish yellow key puzzle that would have been fun, if not for multiple times where you have to speed run to get places before a door closes. Those are my least favorite puzzles, since I play on a keyboard, which makes them way tougher. Take that away and you have a pretty fun level. Lots of teleporting (both you and monsters coming in) and the blue key room was pretty fun, as there are two or three ways into it, so you can be sneaky and take monsters out from multiple angles. 6/10

9. The Moat it must be because I'm playing stuff intended for a PC on a Mac and things cross over platforms glitchy at times, but for the second-ever time, I encountered a situation where a megawad level crashes (first time being Requiem L3 at the very end). Here, it was the red key room. Not sure exactly what causes it to crash, but when the key descends and Cacos come out, it will crash at some point, even if I run out of that room. No big loss as I wasn't liking this level. I hate blackout areas because all they do is give various monsters opportunities to get free shots at you because you can't see them.....and a good part of what I'd been playing was in complete darkness. N/A

10. Bridge Pure "meh" level. Not a bad level, as it's loaded with solid fights, but the layout/design are boring and the gameplay was pretty predictable with no real traps or surprises. Not much to say about this one. 4/10

And, just to get all of Team TnT's work out of the way, I'm starting through Evilution (their half of the two-game Final Doom) again. I'd played through nearly all of it before, but got burned out on Doom and have forgotten all of it except bits and pieces, so I figured I'd start over since I will be reviewing Final Doom at some point and time. Did one level and most of another.

1. System Control above average opening level. If you're good with punching, you'll love the berserk pack in the first room as there is an ammo shortage early in this game until you finally grab the shotgun in one room and the pack of shells in another. When you see the blue key, be careful or you'll get cut to shreds by chaingunners. Main flaw is that to trigger a switch, you have to walk right up to the blue key door before you get the key. I don't like non-intuitive stuff like that, as I don't tend to walk up to doors I know I can't open, so I wound up having to look at a FAQ to see what I was missing. Still, a fun level. 6/10

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bluberry bluberry - August 13, 2008 (06:18 PM)
I see you hate Icarus as much as I do, always a good thing to know I'm not alone.

well, hate is too strong a word... but...

a lot of your mouse/compatibility issues could be coming from using a plaino executable, at least on Windows all of them (either the originals or Doom95.exe) SUCK. any good source ports on OS X? I sincerely doubt specific map designs can be PC oriented.

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