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overdrive Welcome to my blog. Here, you may read all of my reviews. That will take a good deal of time, as I have penned quite a large number of them. I advise you to start now. And don't forget, constantly offer me praise concerning how great I am at doing what I do!

Title: The first of my trinity of Oblivion-related reviews is here!
Posted: November 05, 2009 (01:21 PM)
The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles

Which will leave you all to wonder how long it will take for me to get to the other two parts (Knights of the Nine and Oblivion, itself). If I don't get sidetracked by something like Borderlands or Dragon Age: Origins, one or both will be up before the clock strikes Street Fighter 2010. If I do.....well, it'll happen sometime, some year.

In other news, I'm occasionally backing up my Oblivioning with work on Mystic Ark. Much more imaginative in design than 7th Saga. Gameplay's similar, but I haven't found myself frustrated yet. Which doesn't surprise me, as I read that the American port of 7th Saga was actually more difficult than the Japanese version and this is the Japanese Mystic Ark translated for the English-speaking crowd.
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Title: On Friday.....
Posted: October 19, 2009 (11:45 AM)
I released this review: Ion Assault

In other news, I'm mainly playing the Shivering Isles part of Oblivion and gradually advancing through it.
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Title: Two days, two reviews
Posted: October 09, 2009 (02:52 PM)
Final Doom

For the contest.

I'll have another new review up for an assigned game shortly after the weekend, I'd guess. Tuesday or Wednesday is my "hope to be done" day. Other than that, a bunch o' Oblivion-related gaming.
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Title: Another new review!
Posted: October 08, 2009 (11:42 AM)
Streets of Fury

A moderately entertaining game I was assigned. Now it's time to write my contest review!

I'm primarily playing the Shivering Isles part of Oblivion now. Well, I'll really be delving into it in a bit, as I want to go back to the main world and do a bit of magic guild spell buying and some other stuff. A fun fact about HG is that there are seperate entries for both Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine, so my Oblivion Game of the Year pack will provide me with THREE reviews. Which makes it important to do both of those add-ons with as few interruptions as possible, so I don't screw up and mention stuff not pertaining to them in my reviews of them.
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Title: Another one down.....
Posted: September 30, 2009 (02:57 PM)
Final Fantasy Adventure

It's actually kinda amazing how many times I put this game on the back burner, came back to it, abandoned it, came back again, etc. before finally beating it. When I got towards the end where you talk to the girl for the last time, I had to laugh because I'd named her after my wife at the time. It's been 2+ years since we've been split and we'd been on the rocks for a good year or so before that, so it had to have been 3-4 years back when I started this one.

And it's finally done and over with now! Hurray for me!!!
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Title: Mystic Ark: First Impressions
Posted: September 23, 2009 (10:33 PM)
In the past couple of weeks, two different translation groups made complete patches for this SNES RPG that never was released in America. It's Enix's sorta-sequel to 7th Saga (which I didn't really like, as my review illustrates). I went with the Aeon patch, as Gideon is probably my pick for the top dude in the translation field, so I'd pure-and-simple go for his patch over anyone else's for a game.

I played for a couple hours and am currently looking at it as superior to 7th Saga by a long shot. While it's too early to tell (just fought King Mole), it seems things are balanced better so this game won't be a pure level-grinder like 7S was. And I really like how settings at least start out whimsical. Working with two warring groups of pirate cats wasn't what I expected to see after playing the more serious 7th Saga. From what I know about the game, it has a lot of lighthearted settings (Fairytale Kingdom, Children's Kingdom, etc.), so it'd kinda be hilarious if this game gets as difficult as 7th did.
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Title: Like pulling teeth.....
Posted: September 17, 2009 (01:18 PM)
So, after a bit of a writing hiatus to recharge my batteries from the TT, here is my review for Wild Arms.

Tough one to write, so I hope it comes off well. I spent most of yesterday afternoon alternating between staring off into space and sporadically typing for a bit. And it took about 2 hours just to wrap things up. Hopefully my next review isn't so painful to write.
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Title: Wouldn't want to feel left out......OD's TT recap
Posted: August 31, 2009 (10:53 AM)
Let's see. Not my best team finish (losing in semis, as opposed to losing in the finals) and at 3-5, this was my second worst individual finish......but I'm overall still feeling kind of positive about things.

During the nine weeks that composed my eight matches (including the off week before the playoffs), I wrote something like 10-12 reviews and used six of them in the contest. I'd actually say that of all the years I've been part of this, this one might have had the most reviewers consistently cranking out new material, which made things really fun and unpredictable.

Of the two weeks where I used older reviews, one of them (Parasite Eve) had never been judged and I'd wanted to use it in some sort of contest for a long time, just because it was done in a more experimental style and I wanted to see how it'd be critiqued. Winning over Zipp with it was a pleasant bonus.

One thing I think I'll do for the future is keep tabs on reviews I do that I really like, but didn't use in a contest for the next TT. One negative to using brand new reviews on a near week-by-week basis is that burn-out does set in. With my last review (Mazes of Fate), I wasn't perfectly happy with it, but couldn't find a quick fix for the issue I had and just didn't feel ambitious enough to work at making it better. Also, as noted by at least one judge, there was a bit of grammatical sloppiness in some of my reviews and that's the sort of thing that falls through the crack when I'm working to get something finished during the waning hours before deadline. I think things could work out better for me if I enter the contest with 3-4 reviews that (in theory) are new to the judges, but have been up on the site for a while, which would give me time to legit take the time on 3-6 more reviews, so my new stuff would be a bit more polished.

Overall, I had fun. With the way the three judges all seemed to have their own distinct things they were looking for, I felt like I had my reviews analyzed by some very different points of view that looked at things from angles I might not have even considered, which is very useful to me as a writer.
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Title: The Work Which Transforms God
Posted: August 21, 2009 (04:51 PM)
No, I'm not talking about Blut Aus Nord, but my last review which I wrote yesterday.

Here it is: Mazes of Fate

Don't know what I'll be working on next. My brain hurts. Might get back to those unfinished 360 RPGs (Lost Odyssey, Enchanted Arms) or finish up a few games that I've had on hiatus for a long time. Blu's Circle of the Moon review might get me inspired to finish Aria of Sorrow.....I dunno.
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Title: Overdrive Update: 8/12/09 version
Posted: August 12, 2009 (12:29 PM)
I = Icarus: Alien Vanguard

S = 'Splosion Man

Two reviews done last week, two new letters as a result! Well, technically, one was put on the site Sunday, but it was done Thursday.....I just couldn't post it, as a Time Warner cord was severed in my yard somehow, leaving me without teh interwebz for a day and then I was away from home Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday.

As for now, I'm working on my project for my match next week in the Team Tournament. I have high hopes, which probably means I'll wind up crashing and burning like the world's worst kamikaze pilot of all time! Only time will tell!
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Title: HG Achievement Unlocked: 1500 KBs of reviews
Posted: July 30, 2009 (02:42 PM)
Which I made last night with the 11:50ish HG time release of this: Vagrant Story

I believe only Jason has more KB of reviews than I do on the site (Masters has more total reviews, but fewer KB), which only cements my legacy of awesomeness even more than it had been!
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Title: Oh yeah......
Posted: July 23, 2009 (11:50 AM)
Amongst all the excitement of last night, what with trying to get this thing finalized and shit, I forgot to do my token link-posting, so here ye be!

Challenge of the Dragon

In other news, a friend and I rented Red Faction: Guerrilla and then I've played it myself a bit over the last two days. This game is the definition of uber-awesomeness. Blowing up all sorts of installations with the option of going in all guns blazing or finding a way to sneak in, plant some charges, set them off from a distance and watch the carnage ensue.

In other news, I've also been playing GBA dungeon-crawler Mazes of Fate a bit recently. Not the best game of it's genre, but still it's been keeping me entertained. Dungeons seem to be huge, giving fans of massive dungeons with plenty of paths to explore something to look forward to.
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Title: The fun of Overdrive's Summer BASH continues!
Posted: July 15, 2009 (02:18 PM)
Instead of Color Dreams, this time Midway takes the knife in the back for their abysmal GBA port of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.

Note to future designers: if a series is primarily known for its multiplayer capacity, don't release a port without it.....especially if said port is arguably the worst game in the series with or without multiplayer abilities.

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Title: Color Dreams is pure heaven!
Posted: July 13, 2009 (12:57 PM)
If your idea of heaven is hellishly poor games. Sure, they're easy targets for bash reviews, but I'm having fun rattling through their titles for the time being. Let's see how many more I get through before I get tired of them!

Operation Secret Storm

Coming up tomorrow or Wednesday is a review for a non-Color Dreams game, but don't fret! It'll still be a bash!
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Title: Of recent work and stuff.....
Posted: July 08, 2009 (02:29 PM)
Today: Drakan: The Ancients' Gates

Monday....or was it Sunday?: Robodemons

Robodemons was written to whet my creative juices and hopefully Drakan was a good example of said juices. As to what's next for me, I haven't a clue. With it being TT time and with me liking to have new stuff up at least every other week, I'll want to get a new review up soon, but at the moment, I have next to no clue as to what I'll be playing.
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Title: Upon further review......
Posted: June 24, 2009 (02:53 PM)
My Bionic Commando: Rearmed review mentioned in my previous blog post is my 250th review on this site.

So there's another achievement unlocked for me! 250 REVIEWS!!!!
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Title: Another game reviewed!
Posted: June 24, 2009 (02:03 PM)
Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Now that I'm truly into summer for a couple months and immersed in the team tournament, hopefully, I'll be back to my early-year writing production and not the more lackluster results of the past two months or so, when work has really gotten in my way.
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Title: I did it! I got another letter!
Posted: June 11, 2009 (03:25 PM)
Since seemingly every game I've been playing for some time is for a letter I've already reviewed this year, I'm shocked to see I actually reviewed a game for one I hadn't touched yet. All thanks to just randomly mentioning the name on the message boards and then deciding it'd be cool to write about it.

A = Amnesia

Now, it's off to make my team tournament second round pick. And then do other stuff.
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Title: Bionic Commando: Rearmed
Posted: June 10, 2009 (10:41 AM)
Is awesome. 'Nuff said.
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Title: A brief burst of productivity in an otherwise blah week or two
Posted: May 27, 2009 (04:02 PM)
Rolling Thunder

Now I just have to find where I hid those screens I took of this game, size them and plug them in. And then get back to any of the many RPG projects I'm working on.
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Title: Finished another review.
Posted: May 08, 2009 (02:00 PM)
This time for Breath of Fire.

Now, with the exception of games I've repeatedly stated I'm planning to review, I'll keep my mouth shut as to my projects, as it's kinda hard to enter EmP's style council if I'm telling everyone every little thing I'm playing.

So, going by stuff I've mentioned:
1. Lost Odyssey
2. Enchanted Arms
3. ?????
4. ?????
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Title: A new review!
Posted: May 01, 2009 (02:49 PM)
Monsters vs. Aliens

I'm also nearing the end of Breath of Fire. About the next thing I'll be doing is going to Scande to fight Emperor Zog, which sets up the final dungeon or two. That possibly will be my next review and after that.......there are many possibilities.
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Title: R is for......
Posted: April 17, 2009 (03:13 PM)
Resident Evil 5

Was at my friend's place last weekend and we played this one. Here's one of those funny bits about playing a game so similar to the previous one in its series: I really have no clue whether this game is easier than RE4 or if that's just in my head. We rarely died (usually only against bosses) while playing it, while we died a lot our first trip through RE4. BUT....that might have been because we knew what to expect from the gameplay, so we were better prepared to handle various Majini and parasites than we were the first time we encountered them in RE4. So the game might be roughly the same difficulty, but it just felt easier due to having honed my skills with RE4 and just doing what I did in that game.
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Title: G is for......
Posted: April 10, 2009 (03:02 PM)
The Great Waldo Search

That's what we call the by-product of an agonizingly long, slow day at the office. Fortunately, it's 5 p.m. here, so I can now leave this place and celebrate the end of the work week!
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Title: A new acquisition!
Posted: April 09, 2009 (11:44 AM)
Went to the used game store yesterday and found a copy of Enchanted Arms for the 360 for about $15. Remembered Zig's review of it, so I bought it for my next project after I'm done with Lost Odyssey.
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Title: Blue Dragon is beat!
Posted: March 27, 2009 (01:37 PM)
And here's the proof in review form!

Moved from it to Lost Odyssey. I like the 1000 Years of Dreams thing. And the game seems a good bit more challenging. When I'm feeling legit threatened by certain monsters in the mountains that count as the first dungeon, well......that's a big difference from Blue Dragon.
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Title: Another "L" review!
Posted: March 18, 2009 (03:46 PM)
Legend of the Ghost Lion

It's funny. I've been stuck on seven letters reviewed for this year for some time and a big part of that reason is because the last two games I've reviewed have both begun with "L", which I'd covered earlier.

In other news, I'm nearly done with Blue Dragon (in the Primitive Cube.....just beat Hot Hot Hydra). Then it'll be on to Lost Odyssey in all likelihood. My schedule will clear up a good deal more after next week, so I can also work on getting a number of other projects taken care of. Right now, I'm tired.....very tired.....
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Title: Infocom goodness!
Posted: February 25, 2009 (03:45 PM)
Is here: Leather Goddesses of Phobos

I figured I'd review this game now in an attempt to cash in on the big things transpiring as a result of the whole RapeLay controversy. Even if there really are no similarities between the two games, at least they both have some sort of rendition of some sort of sex-type stuff. So I'm jumping on the bandwagon. 200,000-hit review, here I come!!!!!
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Title: A touch of home....
Posted: February 17, 2009 (09:37 PM)
If there's one genre of game I'd call my "home", it's that of J-RPG. For me, there's not much better than their hybrid of cheesy plots, non-stop encounters, quirky characters and oftentimes "interesting" ways to try to be somehow different than the gazillion other J-RPGs out there.

So, when I bought my 360 in December, I bought Oblivion. Great game. I really love it. However, (a) it's not a J-RPG and (b) my attention span isn't super-long, so after hitting the 90-hour mark, I realized I needed a break from its immersiveness.

So, I went to the closest game store and bought Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey today. Decided to play BD first, as it hasn't been reviewed here. So far, it seems kinda by-the-books (although I like the idea of getting monsters close together so I can mass-attack them to either (a) get some to kill off others or (b) get boosts between fights to make the latter ones easier), but I don't really care right now. It's just nice to be "home" in one of these games.
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Title: Felix will be happier now!
Posted: February 13, 2009 (04:31 PM)
Although I'm really sad now that I played this game for an extended period of time.....


In other news, I'm playing CV: Aria of Sorrow again, as well as Oblivion. Thinking about grabbing a couple of more traditional 360 RPGs. Oblivion's great and all, but kinda exhausting as there are so many flippin' things to do that I feel I'm almost wasting my time playing it if I can't dedicate an entire afternoon/evening to it because I won't get much accomplished.
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Title: Low G Man!
Posted: February 06, 2009 (04:39 PM)
Low G Man has been reviewed.

One of those I owned when I was younger. Played it again recently and had a good time with it. Always good to churn out 8-bit reviews while going through Oblivion at the pace of a deceased turtle.
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Title: And on the 30th day of 2009, Overdrive created......
Posted: January 30, 2009 (02:03 PM)
....this review for Emerald Dragon

Not Zig's TG-CD version, but the SFC version I played. Not the awesome 10/10 experience Zig gushed about in a review everyone gushed about, but a pretty fun (if too easy) RPG. One of those that fit into that ugly "is it a 7 or is it an 8" area. If decimals were allowed, I'd say 7.5, but went down to 7 for various reasons. Mainly to put it in a level with other RPGs where I loved the story/characters, but found the gameplay lacking such as Tales of Legendia and Suikoden III.
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Title: And with this.....
Posted: January 21, 2009 (03:12 PM)
P = Panic Restaurant

.......I have four letters reviewed with at least one more to come this month. Nothing like having a slow day where I was desperately looking for something to pass the time. If not for that, I'd never have played this game. Now I have.
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Title: Another letter down....
Posted: January 14, 2009 (01:40 PM)
K = Kung Fu Panda

Now I just have to get 24 (counting numbers)! I was happier until I realized EmP subbed something yesterday to keep a step ahead of me. That saddened me. Or enraged me to a homicidal fury, to be more precise.

On the docket:

1. Continue playing Oblivion. I'm at 60 hours and still barely have scratched the surface. Damn....

2. Keep working through the XBA Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Yes, even though I own it on the PSX, I still bought it on the 360. I really don't know why......but I still love the game.....

3. Start playing Lego Indiana Jones. It looks really fun, but I just haven't got to it yet.

4. Figure out my genre and game for upcoming contest. Play/review said game in said genre.
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Title: M is for.....
Posted: January 08, 2009 (04:17 PM)
Meteos Wars

Only eight days into the year and I've already put down two letters! Not a bad start, if I do say so myself.

My only regret right now is that I have to work for a while tonight and then likely will head to a friend's house to watch the rest of the Florida-Oklahoma national championship game, so I won't get my Meteos fix for today. Curses! I'm already feeling the shakes from withdrawal.....
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Title: REALLY LONG Year in Review 2008 and the beginning to Year in Present 2009
Posted: January 07, 2009 (02:39 PM)
If nothing else, I like to be derivative of others, so let me now commence with my own YEAR IN REVIEW with overly verbose commentary.

Flying Hero: Bugyuro no Daibouken (SNES) --- January 23: I'd been wanting to play this amusing little shooter for some time.....and so I did. I spent most of the first half or so of the year in this mode where all I felt like playing were RPGs and I'd gone nearly a whole month without writing anything, so I took an evening or two to play through this game, so I could put out a review.

Tales of Legendia (PS2) --- January 31: And this was the RPG I spent much of January muddling through. My best friend and I do this weird thing for whenever we hang around for a day or so every month or two. Instead of playing some easily-accessible game that can be beaten in one or two all-day sessions, we tend to start up some mammoth endeavor more often than not (Fallout 3 is our current game, to prove my point). Since this has action fighting in it, I thought it'd be a good idea, so I bought it. We played it for one day and decided to move on to something else. Since I owned it and enjoyed that first session, I started playing it.....but eventually got bored and my 4-5 hour days turned into maybe an hour or two a week. But as I neared the end, I started putting a lot of time into it just to finish it off.

Kirby's Dream Land (GB) --- February 21: During slow days at work, I sometimes play a GB or GBC game. I decided to do this one just because of how much I like the NES Kirby (possibly to be reviewed this year). This game didn't have anywhere near the same effect on me. Just a blah platformer where Kirby's inhaling ability didn't have any of its charm, due to him not being able to steal monster abilities.

Burai Fighter (NES) --- February 22: Around that same time, I played this game. I remember thinking it looked fun and interesting from way back when it got a handful of pages in Nintendo Power (even though that magazine went out of its way to try to make EVERY game look fun and interesting). It was.....for the most part. Those overhead stages just sucked, though.

Tag Team Wrestling (NES) --- April 4: Quick review I wrote for a contest. Possibly "Brevity or Bust", although I can't remember off the top of my head. While underwhelming for my first review in over a month, it was a fun one to write, with little anecdotes about Strong Bad from HomeStar Runner and a pro wrestling jobber/mid-card team that reminded me of this game's Ricky Warriors.

Obscure: The Aftermath (PS2) --- April 22: Due to the combination of not having a next-gen system until December of '08 and having my Excite email account go haywire thanks to those bastards "upgrading" their system, this was the most recent site assignment review until the next couple of days. One of those "little company that almost could" games. Solid old-school survival horror game (you know, awkward camera angles and slow-paced action) with good atmosphere, but sorry cinematic sequences. And it was short. Damn short.

Stinger (NES) --- April 25: When I was younger, I really liked this game and played it a lot. I decided to take a stroll down memory lane to see if those feelings remained. Sadly, they didn't and I found that one of yesteryear's fond memories was really a fairly mediocre shooter. Cue the sad violin music.

Resident Evil 4 (PS2) --- May 29: This was initially the game that replaced Tales of Legendia as what my friend and I were playing when we hung out. That didn't last long, as after about one session with it, I broke down, went to a game store and bought it, burst through it and reviewed it.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (GBC) --- June 9: This was initially going to be the first of a trilogy of Game Boy Zelda reviews I was going to do. Uh....yeah.....I'm still around the fourth dungeon or so of Ages and the third dungeon or so of Link's Awakening. Haven't played either in some time, as my A.D.D. (or at least I use that as a convenient excuse) kicked in and I moved on to other things.

Medal of Honor: Vanguard (PS2) --- June 11: After Resident Evil 4, this was the next game my friend and I picked up. We nearly beat the whole thing in one sitting, but got stalled in the final level. I planned to finish it off completely, but a minor glitch caused a checkpoint save to not register and I had no desire to go through this pretty tough little stretch to get back to the sniper den where I'd died. Not a horrible game, but not as good as the other Medal of Honor games I've played.

Strike Gunner: S.T.G. (SNES) --- June 26: Bland SNES shooter with few moments I still remember. But I do feel a deep-rooted need to write a handful of shmup reviews per year, as that's the genre I wrote about primarily when I started reviewing.

Cyberdreams (PC) --- July 24 --- EmP and Blu had a contest where they pick what we all reviewed. They picked this Doom WAD for me. I didn't like it. It did get me to waste a bunch of time playing a lot of Icarus and TnT Evilution while telling Blu it'd be a great idea to get review up for the most notable Doom WADs. Then, about halfway through Icarus and Evilution, I lost interest in the whole thing. You know.....the A.D.D. thing again....

Keystone Kapers (Atari 2600) --- July 31: Here's a bit of advice for when you feel you're in a rut as far as writing goes: do something easy and have fun with it. This is the first of five 2600 reviews I did in a 10-day period. The games are simple, so it's very easy to be creative in talking about them. For most of the first half of the year, I was reviewing very sporadically, going over a month between reviews at times and was on pace for a 22-review year halfway through it. These reviews kinda rejuvenated me and I had 22 written just over the final six months.

Journey Escape (Atari 2600) --- July 31: No matter how bad this game really is, I just couldn't give it a horrible score. I just had too much dumb fun with it.

Chase the Chuckwagon (Atari 2600) --- August 6: This game was a different story, though. The history behind it is far more interesting than anything pertaining to the game, so that's what I focused on.

Swordquest: Fireworld (Atari 2600) --- August 7: My biggest regret for last year was in that single-elimination summer tournament that I used a longish RPG review against BELISARIOS instead of this review. This quirky review against his quirky review would have been a fun little match.

Word Zapper (Atari 2600) --- August 9: The end of my brief Atari binge, although I would revisit the system a couple of times before the end of the year. After five straight reviews for that system, it was time to move on.

Okami (PS2) --- August 14: I'd been borrowing a lot of my friend's games, holding them for up to a year or two. He was starting to wonder if I'd ever play them, so this was the first one I beat. We'd been thinking about playing this one together, but changed our minds for one reason or another. While this game isn't perfect, I had a lot of fun playing it. Great presentation makes this a unique game in many ways.

Milon's Secret Castle (NES) --- September 3: Another "blast from the past" review. This was one of my favorites of last year, as I finally took on one of those games that was a thorn in my side for a good length of time.

Toxic Crusaders (GB) --- September 24: Once upon a time, Drella decided to hold a contest commemorating his favorite genre of beat-em-ups. While I wasn't particularly desiring of playing one at the time, I had said I would and I've NEVER backed out of a contest I said I'd enter. Maybe I should have. My two reviews got last place and next to last place. This one was last.

Double Dragon II (GB) --- September 26: And this one was next to last. Now, granted, I felt this one was a far sight better than Toxic Crusaders, but I can see how a judge might be perturbed at how in-depth I went on my displeasure of the very simplistic moveset in a Game Boy fighting game. Two buttons along with the directional pad really can't be expected to give you 500 cool moves..... Stupid me....

Coryoon (TG16) --- October 9: So I licked my wounds and went back to the tried-and-true shmup genre. Earlier in the year, Felix had commanded me to review this game along with two others beginning with the letter "C". I haven't gotten to the other two (damned A.D.D.!), but I will.......someday.......

Dragon Quest V (SNES) --- October 10: I currently have reviews up for 1, 3 and 4 on the NES; 1&2 and 5 on the SNES and 8 on the PS2, putting this up there with Mega Man, Castlevania and Final Fantasy as some of my most covered series. The Dragon Warrior/Quest games have a real simple formula, but I find it quite addicting and love this series.

Final Fantasy XII (PS2) --- October 15: Speaking of Final Fantasy, here's my review for XII. Really liked the game, but got bogged down in it after a while. Never did finish off the top marks, espers, etc. After I beat the final boss, I returned it to my friend (I had kept it for well over a year before beating it).

Airlock (Atari 2600) --- October 21: After finishing two RPGs, I needed something easy to write about and this putrid game fit that bill perfectly. I had some fun with this one.

Xenogears (PSX) --- November 11: Another "blast from the past" review. I do have to give this game credit. It'd been years since I've played it, but I remembered parts of this game so vividly that it was easy to write this review. Recently, I'd tried to do something for Vagrant Story, which I'd played a couple years more recently, but I could barely remember anything besides a few bare essentials about that game.

Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (NES) --- November 13: I have this yearly tradition where I enter the ABC tournament and always place really high, but never win it. This, my friends, is that review for 2008. One step away from that ultimate trophy once again......

Mouse Trap (Atari 2600) --- November 26: So, after licking my wounds for a couple weeks, I bounced back with another 2600 review. This might have been at the insistence of Felix (with a horrid threat involved) or that might have been Airlock.

NCAA Football 06 (PS2) --- December 1: I play sports games fairly often as a sort of recreation from that high-stress, on-the-go pastime of reviewing. One day, I thought, "Dude, you've played about 7-8 seasons of this game with four different teams! Why the hell haven't you reviewed it?" Then I reviewed it.

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (GBA) --- December 4: Another aborted project for my friend and I was Lament of Innocence (which I'll have to snag from him and beat someday just to add to my library of CV reviews). Playing that game for one day made me want to play a "Metroid-vania" game, so this one got the nod.

Castlevania: The Adventure (GB) --- December 11: And then, for some ungodly reason, I decided to play this game. There have been some "misses" in the history of Castlevania and this one ranks amongst the worst of them.

Daikatana (GBC) --- December 24: So, we have this little Christmas gift idea where people request games to be reviewed and others review them for them. Venter picked out this one as a request, it seemed interesting to me, so I reviewed it and had it up for him the day before Christmas. And did I get any thanks from him for being so kind as to review his request? NO! And did any of you review any or my requests? NO AGAIN! The holidays have lost all meaning for me......

Rogue Galaxy (PS2) --- December 30: For Janus' idea of reviewing a game in the genre that best fits you like a glove, this is my RPG pick. Turned out a bit better than I expected, so it was a good way to end the year.


8 reviews: PS2
7 reviews: Atari 2600
5 reviews: NES
4 reviews: GB
3 reviews: SNES
2 reviews: GBC
1 review: GBA, PSX, TG16, PC

Oh, and to start out 2009: F = Final Fight Guy

Felix noted that I never ported over one of my old GameFAQs reviews when I moved from there to here. So, I gave it a good editing, rewriting parts of it and deleting other parts that seemed repetitive and blah. And there you have it my first review of 2009 is a revision of a review that's one week away from being five years old!
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Title: And another year in reviewing comes to an end.....
Posted: December 30, 2008 (03:45 PM)
With Rogue Galaxy.

Looks like 33 reviews spanning 17 letters. Got off to a slow start, but kinda hit something resembling a groove over the last couple of months (15/33 over the last third of the year).

And, for the hell of it, let's look at my game progress!

1. Oblivion: completely immersed, wandering around doing quests here and killing stuff there.

2. Kung Fu Panda: hey, it came with the system. Done about four levels....maybe five. I've really just been playing Oblivion, but this will be one of those January reviews, I'll be guessing.

3. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Mazes of Fate: Man, after buying the 360 and moving both TVs into the living room so I can play games while watching TV, I just haven't been on the computer to play these..... I'm around the Golem boss in AoS and in the early-game temple in MoF.
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Title: Merry Christmas!
Posted: December 24, 2008 (04:20 PM)
With this non-holiday related review: Daikatana

Played through the game during one slow day at work and typed up the review during another one. Now, gotta grab a couple of things at the store and head home for another Oblivion session.
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Title: I didn't like this Castlevania game so much....
Posted: December 11, 2008 (03:58 PM)
Castlevania: The Adventure

Wasn't as good as most. Well, actually, I think it might be the worst I've ever played.

In brighter news, my broke ass finally got money saved up and will be getting an XBox 360 in the next 4-5 days! That's something to be happy about! That is, assuming nothing negative happens to, say, my car where I'd really wish I had that money, but that's the sort of potential issue I'm trying to block from my mind. Negative thoughts give you cancer.
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Title: I like Castlevania games.....even if they're derivative......
Posted: December 04, 2008 (02:21 PM)
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance

Fun game to play.....and that's the end of that.

Right now, there are any number of games that could be next on my itinerary. And since I'm in such a vampire-killing mood, one of them that is near the front of the pack just might be another Castlevania game......a very different Castlevania game than this.

Title: Another letter down!
Posted: December 01, 2008 (04:11 PM)
N = NCAA Football 06

Might have to go back through it and clean it up at some point, as I typed the whole thing up over the last hour or two as a one-sitting stream of consciousness purging of thoughts.

17 letters down, 10 to go.......30 days. I might not be sitting so good right now, especially since I can only think of 1-2 more letters I currently am considering games for at the time I don't already have. Nuts.....as in Mr. Nutz.
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Title: To celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I give you fruit from the loins of my brain
Posted: November 26, 2008 (03:32 PM)
Mouse Trap

Probably nowhere near the best thing (or top 100 things) I've done, but I just got through a work project this week that had kinda sapped my mental energy for anything else over the last week or so and figured what better way to handle a little Wednesday downtime than to give all of you another review.
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Title: 16th letter of the year hath been vanquished by my holy Avatar might
Posted: November 13, 2008 (02:13 PM)
U = Ultima: Quest of the Avatar

Will likely have some degree of minor tweaking and editing before contest time, but I'm on my way to glory!
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Title: Got a new letter!
Posted: November 11, 2008 (10:30 AM)
X = Xenogears

Review took forever to write, but I finally cranked it out.....about five days later than I was expecting to have it finished.
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Title: Another milestone....
Posted: October 30, 2008 (03:08 PM)
I should have had this up a day or two ago, but I've been sick as hell and, therefore, didn't. But, I've become the sixth person on this site to hit 100,000 review views.
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Title: Valhalla Awaits!!!
Posted: October 21, 2008 (02:41 PM)
A = Airlock

Another letter down and, in the process, I earned a new Felix Achievement Level. You see, every once in a while, Felix gives me a challenge (sometimes with a horrid threat enclosed with said challenge to keep me on task) and he recently gave me one to write a review for an Atari 2600 game. So, here it is. Dredged up a lot of bad memories, it did.

As a fun side note for me, I was looking up the correct spelling for the plural of torpedo because I couldn't remember if it was "s" or "es", so I typed in "torpedo dictionary" into Google and one of the first results I got was for a site called sex-lexis.com with the term "playing tag with the pink torpedo", which is used for male masturbation. After "self-reprimanding" myself for making a comment about such a horrid act on this site, I have to admit, getting this as part of my search made me laugh.
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Title: Finally Final Fantasy XII is done!
Posted: October 15, 2008 (02:31 PM)
Took me a while to put thoughts into writing, which likely means it'll come across and garbled and rambling, but I did get my FF XII review I thought I'd have done Sunday or Monday finished.

And here it is!

Final Fantasy XII
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Title: RPG Review 1 for the extended weekend is done.
Posted: October 10, 2008 (01:32 PM)
Dragon Quest V

Time to start working on writing about Final Fantasy XII, now....
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Title: HEY FELIX!!!! One down, two to go.
Posted: October 09, 2008 (12:30 PM)
A little ways back, Felix DEMANDED that I provide him with reviews for Castlequest, Coryoon and Cyber Core. Why? I have no clue. But I've gotten 1/3 done!

See? Coryoon

Doesn't help me in the Alpha Enduro, as I'd already done "C". But nothing I'm playing right now is helping me. Oh, and speaking of not helping me in this, I'll have reviews for Dragon Quest V and Final Fantasy XII in the very near future. As in from today until Sunday, most likely.
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Title: Not one, but two new reviews!
Posted: September 26, 2008 (02:59 PM)
Double Dragon II

Toxic Crusaders

Two Game Boy games. One new letter for the Alpha Enduro thing.

As for generic progress stuff.

1. Near the end of FF XII plot-wise. Just finished the Pharos and only have to do the Bahamut. Still have about three espers, two trophy game and a few marks to go, though. Probably create an extra save to beat the game and then beat that stuff at my leisure. I know my friend I'm borrowing this game from has expressed an interest in wanting to beat it again in a more efficient manner than the first time, so if we can get together soon, I might let him do that because I'm pretty burnt out on it at the moment.

2. Rogue Galaxy....made it to the pirate's ship at the near-beginning of the game. I like a lot of the dynamics, but the camera work on that first boss fight......left much to be desired.

3. Since I don't want to get into Persona 3 until I can solely dedicate time to it, but wanted a Shin Megami Tensei fix, I started the first SNES SMT again and killed stuff for a little while. Could have also got back into Nocturne as I'm about halfway through it, but I wanted to do something on my computer as I'd been on my PS2 all night.

4. Still raising money to buy the best World of Darkness weaponry before taking out Mildreth in Dragon Quest V.
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