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nintendominant Short Story: I like to game. The End.

Long Story: I personally grew up with Nintendo consoles, and they were always my first priority when it came to free time. While my other friends were more into the dominant PS3/360, I was the one quietly playing Wii/any other Nintendo console without any recognition. In this blog, I'll mostly do Wii and DS reviews, but my point is to introduce you to the many games (good or bad) that Nintendo consoles had to offer. I try my best to do a review each Friday and I also try to be as honest and informative as possible, and I hope together we can learn to appreciate (or destroy) these games that we play. The End.

Title: A Reviewer Approaches!
Posted: July 09, 2012 (02:59 PM)
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Nintendominant, and I'm currently preparing to review some Nintendo games! Every Tuesday, I'll give a hint for my next review and every Friday I'll officially post my review. Until then, get ready to enter the world of Nintendominant Reviews!
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