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Mass Effect Trilogy releases on PS3 Dec. 4

Mass Effect Trilogy image

BioWare thought it would've taken longer, but they did it!

The Mass Effect Trilogy, announced in late September as an all-in-one-pack that would include the original Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, will hit the PlayStation 3 a bit later than its Xbox 360 and PC counterparts, according to a BioWare post.

Instead of launching next week on Nov. 6, the PS3 version will hit shelves at all your favorite stores on the Citadel on Dec. 4, nearly a full month after the Xbox 360 and PC versions are available. And considering the trouble BioWare and its partner in developing the trilogy ran into when doing the porting work for the PS3 version, we're lucky it's only one month of a delay. Remember: the original Mass Effect has never before been available for play on Sony's console.

"The audio technology that we originally used was no longer supported by its developer… and the engine didn’t support the PS3," said Ryan Warden, a producer at BioWare who worked on the trilogy. "To be completely honest, I thought that it was unlikely that we could port Mass Effect in less than a year. It might take three years. Maybe even twenty-three!"

Luckily, BioWare's partner, Edge of Reality, kept it cool and found solutions to these issues. And once they got the game to run on PS3, it was time to tackle the inevitable performance issues.

"We worked around the clock to ensure the game performed at, or better-than, the performance metrics that we had from the Xbox 360. And they did it. Mass Effect on the PS3 runs pretty damn well," said Warden.

So mark those calendars, N7 operatives equipped with PS3s: Your chance to finally play Mass Effect is right around the corner... just not as around the corner as your Xbox 360 and PC-equipped brethren.

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Staff article by Jonathan Davila (November 01, 2012)

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