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Dragon Quest VII remake coming to 3DS

This is Square Enix's chance to fix one of gaming history's biggest disappointments!

Following the DS remakes of Dragon Quests IV, V and VI, this February we'll be seeing the series' most divisive entry coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

Dragon Quest VII was an extremely late PS1 game that came out in 2001, after an incredibly lengthy (for the time) four-year development cycle. While it's one of the highest selling games ever in Japan -- being a DQ game, of course -- many US gamers missed it after having already made the leap to the PS2. It remained unplayed by many Americans after most of the people that did play it considered DQVII to be the worst game in the series. Granted, that's not saying much, considering Dragon Quest is one of the most beloved game series' of all time.

Dragon Quest VII was plagued with pacing issues, outdated graphics (even for the PS1), and had the unfortunate timing to come out so close to Final Fantasy X. Some are questioning Square Enix's decision to re-release what is considered to be a huge misstep for a beloved series, but I think it could be a great opportunity. This is Squeenix's chance to redeem what is widely considered to be "the bad one." So far, all of the DS remakes have been great and haven't been too precious about preserving the original games. They've fixed issues and added new features along the way. Hopefully, hindsight will allow Square Enix to fix the problems so many people saw in DQVII when it was originally released.

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Staff article by Matthew Jay (October 30, 2012)

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