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Conan Reviews Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 image

It's pretty and has a back story that's "way too complicated."

TBS talk show host, Conan O'Brien, has a segment accurately titled "Clueless Gamer," where he and his epic ginger quiff babble about the game they're playing. He's already played Skyrim, Minecraft, and other titles, but this time it's Resident Evil 6.

Coco cracks a few funnies about zombies and Leon being "hot." He also unknowingly uncovered the common Damsel in Distress videogame trope with his comment concerning Leon saving Helena; "You think she'd sleep with me now," he said. Apparently, Conan has never met Zelda, Peach, or everyone in Dead Rising.

It was hard to keep a straight face while he poked fun at the furniture blocking the path of "cool guy with gun."

Albeit incorrectly, Conan goes on to rub our noses in the fact that he's the first to play the Resident Evil 6 demo, and what momentous irony this is based on his qualification. Even if you're not on TeamCoco for whatever inane reason, you've gotta admit he'd make for a pretty entertaining "Let's Player."

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Staff article by Mandy Safai (September 14, 2012)

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pickhut posted September 15, 2012:

I enjoyed his enthusiasm playing the game, he got excited and noticed things I probably would have glanced over myself. And yeah, that thumbs up animation is horrifyingly cheesy. o_O
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Masters posted September 17, 2012:

Haha, that was awesome. Cool guy with gun blocked by small folding chair.

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