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Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 released September 5, 2012

Rob Gronkowski Chosen for Cover.

For fans of retro gaming and football, playing old versions of Madden is often painful. Rosters usually include old players who have betrayed our favorite teams or retired, or there may be old team names like the Houston Oilers.

Bugs in those old games also tend to limit our ability to fully immerse ourselves in the experience. For all of the above reasons, sports video game fans often toss last year’s release onto the pile of games to trade in for a dollar or two. However, one group of fans takes a diferent approach. Those dedicated players keep their favorite sports video game alive by personally updating rosters and fixing old bugs.

Fans of Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES have been recreating their favorite game since around 2005. Every year, around the same time that other fans enjoy the latest Madden release, this small group of modders releases the newest edition of their own favored title. They even run a poll to determine who will grace the "cover" of that year’s Tecmo Super Bowl. Unlike Madden fans (who chose Calvin Johnson for the cover of Madden 13), Tecmo Super Bowl fans chose Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

This year’s rosters are finalized and the ROM can be downloaded at

There are 32 teams this year, with rosters current as of September 2, 2012. Improvements to the original code include tweaks that enable increased passing accuracy, editable playbooks, and adjustments to maximum player speeds once they recover a fumble or make an interception.

If you find yourself in Madison, Wisconsin in March of 2013, you may even wish to attend the annual Tecmo Super Bowl tournament. This will be its 9th year.

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Staff article by Nick LaLone (September 05, 2012)

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