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Final Fantasy VII to relaunch on PC 'soon'

Final Fantasy VII image

Cloud saves, achievements and an all-new "character booster" will enhance Square Enix's classic RPG.

Final Fantasy VII will finally be re-released -- only it won't be a revamped, HD version.

The classic role playing game will be relaunched on PC "soon," according to a website for the revamped title. The website touts a "host of new online features" for FFVII on PC: stuff like cloud saves (lol), achievements and a character booster that will allow players to enhance their characters even if they don't currently have the required experience or funds.

No release date aside from "soon" was given for the title, and further details were scarce. Aside from some wallpapers, the website offered the title's PC requirements, which you'll find listed at the end of this post.

I remember hearing a rumor about this about a week ago actually, and I made that hilarious joke that if a PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII did not include cloud saves, that I just couldn't Barrett.

... I'll be here all week folks.

PC Requirements
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit) • 2GHz Processor or faster • 1GB RAM •
DirectX 9-compatible graphic card

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Staff article by Jonathan Davila (July 04, 2012)

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zippdementia posted July 04, 2012:

No. I'm sorry. I won't be replaying FFVII an eighth time in order to be officially recognized for all the things I did the first seven times. Okay, so I guess I never did beat Emerald and Ruby Weapon. But still!

Actually, harder than beating them is beating that damn fighting game in the Gold Saucer. They'd better have a trophy for that.

I will buy FFVII again the day that it is truly updated, as in a full remake. That may mean I never buy it again. I love the game, but I played it seven times. There's nothing left for me there.
board icon
Suskie posted July 04, 2012:

Even I beat Ruby and Emerald Weapon, and I don't even like the game.
board icon
bbbmoney posted July 04, 2012:

Not sure if this is worth $10 again. Hands down the most playable of the three PSX FFs, I think, but there are aspects I'd rather not revisit.

Glad they didn't throw all the chips in on a full out remake. Not that I ever saw that happening, anyways.
board icon
jerec posted July 05, 2012:

Love the hilarious puns in this article.

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